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Imma try something a bit different of my style for the pop art, and depict a bonnie and clyde scene were clyde is shot and dead and bonnie is on a rampage driving her car shooting :P, thats sorta what I got so far and a good excuse to draw a cool classic car. Let me know what you guys think and if you have any suggestions.

Imma do it in the comic book style like roy lichtenstein

got some more done :D been at it for a few hours now :P

a million hours later


Guess the score and win my select that comes out soon ;)
closest without going over wins:

badbasilisk - 4.02
HorsefaceDee - 3.98
Wonderlove - 3.86
againstbound -3.81
GRANDR -3.78
ISABOA - 3.75

tomasappleton - 3.74
sonmi - 3.73
boostr29 -3.71
TheInfamousBaka - 3.7
greenttentacle - 3.69
isawa - 3.68
trishxtrash - 3.67
Maltzmania - 3.66
Torakamikaze - 3.65
Alex1412 - 3.63
AdderXYU- 3.62
agrimony - 3.61
Johnny Baboon - 3.6
kooky love - 3.59
mitchloidolt - 3.58
[+duracell-] - 3.57
Krimson - 3.56
rodrigobhz - 3.55
B 7 on -3.54
maariaa - 3.53
jodabaum - 3.52
Pakpandir - 3.51
Outlaw01 - 3.5
silverface - 3.49
gups -3.48
psherman42 - 3.47
trindli - 3.46

SuperRyan - 3.45
Ryder Revolution -3.44
PuppetMeat - 3.43
bengineer - 3.42
olie! - 3.41
Bio-bot 9000 - 3.40
davidfromdallas - 3.39
Dr MonA - 3.38
chatnoirrouge - 3.37
fhigi25 - 3.36
ratkiss - 3.35
johntiki - 3.34
bhoomika - 3.32
westicles - 3.31
jeffreyg - 3.25
EricDiaz -3.11
corey9 - 3.1
ir0cko -3.30
psykomakia - 3.29
jstumpenhorst -3.28
wytrab8 - 3.27
Jemae - 3.26
TimScribble - 3.25
adam antium -3.24
andyg -3.23
TOSOMB - 3.22
ninjanghia - 3.21
charity.ryan - 3.20
robotwaste - 3.19
boostr29 -3.18
lily1029 - 3.17
baumer5 -3.16
Chengui - 3.15
sjem - 3.14
goliath72 - 3.12
rossmat8 - 3.11
mike bautista - 3.09
mgill52 -3.08
Stoma -3.06
arkanghel - 3.02
Arbeitsblatt - 3.01

jess4002 - 3.00
tyz - 2.9
soloyo - 2.8

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alexmdc profile pic Alumni

geez they got you working on a sunday?

but its pretty much a old classic car, with a girl driving shooting out the window and a dead man on the passenger side

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

haha, yeah man, every other weekend i gotta work. At least an Eagles game AND a Phillies playoff game are on today, so hopefully people will just keep their footie pajamas on and beer themselves silly and not come in for stupid stuff they could see their doctors on Monday for!

Can't wait to see this when i get home! You should play the NBK soundtrack while you're making this to inspire you. It's such a great soundtrack produced by Trent Reznor.

Krimson profile pic Alumni

Impressive, I have been trying to do something in a Lichtenstein style as well.

alexmdc profile pic Alumni

ooh great idea charity,ryan maybe Im too far now into it tho

got some more done :D been at it for a few hours now :P


i love it all ready ^^

robbielee profile pic Alumni

Looks awesome! Their retro-illustration faces are gorgeous. I'd doublecheck the foreshortening on her arm/ gun. I think it would only be so exaggerated like you have it if it's pointed right at the viewer, and only then if she is much closer to the viewer (which the car's modest foreshortening tells me she is not). Huh?

alexmdc profile pic Alumni

yeah I think that arm is what is giving me the most problems, I was sorta happy with it right now but you might be right

robbielee profile pic Alumni

What if she's actually pointing the gun at the viewer? Also, I like the cigarette ad. It gives the design a bit more of a twist.

alexmdc profile pic Alumni

taking me a lil bit longer then usual, but Im liking it so far, I think Ill fiz arm later, it doesnt seem to bother me right now too much

a million hours later

roadkill3d profile pic Alumni

Looking EPIC...


Whoah. I just realized I've never seen you a draw a human.

beesneak profile pic Alumni

so talented......envy:)

alexmdc profile pic Alumni

man been working on this most of today, something good comes outta being sick on a weekend

Flying Mouse 365
Flying Mouse 365 profile pic Alumni

Wow, you are god! You can draw anything. Love the engine part!


Love the focus on her in comic style... amazing amazing amazing

alexmdc profile pic Alumni

Im done for tonight, let me know what you guys think :D maybe Ill sub it tomorrow if I dont find anything to add or change

Dr MonA

Whitewalls, baby, WHITEWALLS!
by the way, very nice

alexmdc profile pic Alumni

Im thinking of a big placement like this one the bottom, and as an option centered as well tho, but would like to make a big screen print to keep more of the detail :D and well to try something a bit different


I love this, can't believe you did it all in one day, respect! :D


It would be cool if she was firing the gun.

alexmdc profile pic Alumni

Ill make a few more changes tomorrow, too tired and medicine is starting to kick in now

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Really cool man, I'd love to see the gun firing as well, maybe some more dust being kicked up or more smoke effects from the car, perhaps a small road kill splotch of red on the tire closest to us, or maybe just some small drops of blood on the door side of the car that were spilled on the way into the vehicle. Maybe a bullet hole in the windshield as well?

B 7
B 7 profile pic Alumni

:O!! SO good!!


so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i'd love to see some kinda bonnie and clyde vs king kong mash up

jamesf profile pic Alumni

fantastic. i predict a Ctrl+P

d3d profile pic Alumni

i'd definitely buy a print or something but i can't wear yellow. love the design though.


the details are crazy! it's amazing to see you trying other styles, this is fantastic! and I love the comicbook style you've used for the characters

otrom profile pic Alumni

oh goddamn you alex. :(

this looks so sweet.

alexmdc profile pic Alumni

Im sorry charity I didnt just ignore you guys, but just wasnt feeling a smokes ad, thats all didnt see how it fit too much with the guy dead on the passenger side, smoke kills?

alexmdc profile pic Alumni

thanx yeah feeling a bit shitty today :( but cant wait to go home and work on this one a bit more, I think Im just gonna fix a few details and call it done

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