you're kidding, right?

Wow. Umm...yeah. Really worth getting "leaders in the design field" to design some special tees just for us. Look at all those great drips. And the distressing...we're truly blessed to have such a phenomenal design in our presence. We're even lucky enough to get to wear not just one, but TWO logos.

Anyone else think this and most of the other Select designs would've been relentlessly shit upon had they been put up for scoring?

Watch this
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the "select" designs are much more artsy... the average threadless voter doesnt want this type of stuff, they want crappy puns and cute animals.

i like all of the select designs, but theyre a bit to expensive for me.

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Sorry that this one doesn't have a cookie telling us how funny it is to say the word 'butt'.


i dont like the select designs nor crappz puns, cute animals or talking food


I'm not that impressed by the select designs either.


Yeah, I don't like it because there's a label on it! And something I've seen before!

Shut up.

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I like Let Our Veins Do The Talking.

Shame I can hardly pull off white.


I'm too pale for white. black undershirts help, though!


the select designs are certainly a step in the right direction.... I'm sure some really neat stuff will come out of it.

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he does have some amazing work on his site
but i wish you guys could have printed something different from him. the whole destroyed crown look seems a bit tired

but hey if it sells then thats fine with me too

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I love his designs from his site... just dont like the one here nearly as much unfortunately...


agreed. i think the stuff on the aiko site is kickass. all the more reason why this design shouldn't be. i think aiko's a better and more original designer than this.


i hate how this new site is making people blatantly suck up... that is always gross


I don't think this shirt is as good as a lot of Aiko's other work, but I still like it and am torn about whether or not to buy it.


wow where can you buy the sweatshirts on his site?haha those are sick


that's dope that they're using AA shirts, but ferchrissakes why these designs? and AA shirts are just not that expensive either....


I really like the design. Too bad it ‘s expensive because its arbitrarily “select.” However, given that I think most of the shirts on this site are horrible, I could see how a design like this could pull in some profit. I bought two shirts from this site, over two years ago, one of them was an Aiko design and is probably the T-shirt I’ve worn the most in my life. Things have spiraled down since then. I really wish the site would move in a different direction, away from cutesy designs and really the worst worst worst slogans I have ever seen, outside of stores on the Ocean City Boardwalk. I'll still probably end up buying this one.


Anyone else think this and most of the other Select designs would've been relentlessly shit upon had they been put up for scoring?

That's exactly the point! Leave the designers on their own the create something beautiful that's artistic and oringinal... I'm glad their "selected" and not voted on or they would be shot down my countless complainers looking for talking food. As for the price, $25 isn't a lot at all! AA makes some quality shirts. Whether you like them or not because of w/e reasons, their shirts actually fit a human unlike the FOTL the normal shirts are printed on... Plus they're using better inks (even shinny gold on Sun Ra's tee) and printing with more than four colors.

I'd even be up for a SELECT 12 Month Club. That way they can deal with the overrun of designers on the list and send us better quality, more artistic shirt every month in addition to offering a new SELECT tee open to all threadless user every week!


this whole select line loses the charm of buying-unique-cute-cool-looking-t-shirts-over-the-internet-thing. for me anyway. i mean, come on! couldn't you go to any big cloth store company down town (i'm thinking h&m in scandinavia) and buy something excactly like it? i'm sure as not buying this because it's a genuine aiko. hell, i wouldn't buy this shirt for being a genuine threadless shirt either.


the select designs or whatever you want to call them are all crap. i checked out the site and he has a ton of better art than you printed on these shirts. too bad, at that price, i bet they will be in your inventory for a long long time...

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if you havent realised people dont come here to buy genuine aikos or genuine threadless, that would defeat the whole fucking point.


I completely agree with you, the select shirts suck.


I'm going to have to agree with ya'll on everything except 1 point... Yes, all of the other Select shirts are crap and would have gotten a total beatdown (and should have gotten an ixnay from Threadless Staff), EXCEPT King.
The only reason you guys are bashing on King so much and saying it's tired is because it so closely resembles a lot of the submissions from that one contest where you had to have a crown in the submission... I bet Aiko's piece probably would have done well, if not won, that contest...
So deal with it!

matt pringle

good design...but 25 bucks...wack.

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