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Hi everyone! I was hoping I could get a bit of help here. I haven't used flash very much (and by that I mean barely at all) so I'm having a bit of trouble figuring something out. I have learned how to make a button that will take me to a website, but I can't figure out how to make a button that will just take you to a different part of the same document, such as:

I don't want the screen at the bottom to pop up like that, I would just like to have the buttons all be visible on the page. So if you're sitting there bored with nothing better to do, could someone be a doll and help me out with this? :) Thanks!

Watch this

I didn't read this, but usually I just yell "Hey, ma'am." and wait for the target to turn around.

Then I open my trenchcoat.

I hope that helps.


using the existing template is the best way to do it because its already all done for you lol but failing that you can also use different frames which have different images on, then you tell the button to simply gotoandplay whatever frame etc

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