• by kijiinf
  • posted Oct 12, 2009

I really hate to be the guy that does this, but this reminds me of a Totoro shirt I once had...

Watch this
olie! profile pic Alumni

really? It kinda reminds me of the Cheshire cat

the Sleeping Sky
the Sleeping Sky profile pic Alumni

Sorry to offend you? haha
anyways whats wrong with repping something totoroesque?

totoros a stud.


totoro is quite studly

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

Totoro had a baby with the Cheshire cat and made this shirt.

the Sleeping Sky
the Sleeping Sky profile pic Alumni

buffynova on Oct 15 '09 at 3:30am

i hadnt seen that shirt until after they printed it and someone sent me a link. plus that shirts a bootleg

and sense when are faces on tees totoro owned?
my goodness


i saw this design and it looked very familiar, but i couldn't figure out what it looked like. totoro is what i was thinking of. but now that i look at them side by side, they look different enough.

ps - bootleg =/= parody

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