• by d3d
  • posted Jun 12, 2006

another Radios, Rayguns, etc. what the hell for? haven't we seen plenty of these by now? and what's with the mystery creator on the product page? it says "by" and then there's a blank space.
i'd like it ok if it had come out before all the others, but as just another in a line of bland ideas it really seems pretty pointless and not especially attractive.

Watch this

Yup, I do believe we've exhausted the whole idea behind it.


I actually really like this one - the line connecting them all is amazing.

Ste7en profile pic Alumni

I like it better than the other ones, but the fact that it did come after diminishes its charm...not a fault of borts, though I actually dont think their proper forum is on a shirt...maybe a cool poster


I love it. All one line - amazing.
Conversation with my sister via email the last couple of days:

Me: So, uh, father's day ideas anyone!? It's only a week away!!
Sister: crap! you're the one with the good ideas!
Me: drat. Hmm....If they print this one particular shirt at Threadless today I'm totally getting him that, but I doubt they will.
Sister: curseeeeeeeeeeeees!
Me: threadless actually printed the shirt I wanted to get dad today!!!!
Sister: DOOD it's a sign. which shirt?!
Me: Classic Grills! for dad...and me! You should get one too!!!! It kicks ass!

They Call Me Special K

i love it. i bought it and rayguns and if radios is reprinted i will for sure pick it up.

Ellsswhere profile pic Alumni

actually i agree that it is exactly like rayguns and a robot shirt that urban outfitters is selling, but i dont own either of those because i dont really care for them. However cars are my passion, therefore i just purchased this shirt... its prob. one of the only car related designs that would ever be printed here and i appreciate the work bortwein.

.moto. profile pic Alumni

this is way better than rayguns

bortwein profile pic Alumni

Leon really hated this design when it printed. This is funny to read for me now. Ah the good old days.

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