Hey yous, what’s a Threadless Classic?

  • by the ThreadStaff
  • posted Oct 01, 2009

Does Classic mean iconic? Does a Classic bring people together? Does a Classic require a visual pun or food with faces? Or do Classics just really effing rock? We here at Threadless can’t seem to limit ourselves to a definition, but we all agree we know one when we see one.

Most underrated Classic?

Hello Classic blog peops! Today we're focusin' on the most underrated Classic. We think it's probably "Nuts" by Barnaby Bocock. The only weblove we can find on it are these two posts. Whatchu think is the most underrated? Tomorrow, we'll be back with more Classics stuff!


By Barnaby Bocock

More Nuts!

Si Scott Classic

Today's Classic selection is made for those with broken hearts and emo sensibilities. Or those who just heart the amazing British artist Si Scott. This Select tee is inspired by the Daniel Johnston song "True Love will Find You in the End." How has the tee inspired you? Or anyone you know? Tomorrow, we promise we'll get less serious with our Classic choice.

True Love Will Find You In The End

Swans mate for life! Check out the Si Scott interview by our own Bob Nanna!

Haikus are Easy but Sometimes They Don't Make Sense Refrigerator

By Rolf Nelson

See yous, we told you
We are much less serious
Thursdays are fun-er



By Ross Zietz AKA: arzie13

Pandamonium Photos
Threadcakes Pandamonium!
Pandamonium Cake 1
Pandamonium Cake 2
Pandamonium Cake 3

Cookie Loves Milk

By Jess Fink

<object width="320" height="276"><param name="movie" value="http://www.craigshimala.com/swf/craigs.swf?videourl=cookielovesmilk.flv&amp;videoid=2229&amp;videotitle=Cookie+Loves+Milk"></param><embed src="http://www.craigshimala.com/swf/craigs.swf?videourl=cookielovesmilk.flv&amp;videoid=2229&amp;videotitle=Cookie+Loves+Milk" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="320" height="276"></embed></object> Dramatic video!
Amazing Cookie Loves Milk photos!
Cookie Loves Milk for Life!
Blik magic!
Threadcakes Cookie Loves Milk
Cookie Loves Milk Cake 1
Cookie Loves Milk Cake 2
Cookie Loves Milk Cake 3


By Christopher Golebiowski

Amazing Funkalicious photos!
Rip Off!
Threadcakes Funkalicious
Funkalicious Cake 1
Funkalicious Cake 2
Funkalicious Cake 3
Funkalicious Cake 4

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andyg profile pic Alumni


tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

this blog is now classic because andyg posted in it

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

I think a classic is something that is very recognizable as the brand, like Flowers in the Attic and Communist Party. Even people that aren't particularly knowledgeable about the Threadless collection have seen those designs on the net somewhere or vaguely know about Threadless through those designs.

Or something. Shit, I don't know what I'm talking about.

Torakamikaze profile pic Alumni

can i take it like a myspace picture in the bathroom with my lips all pouty and my head tilted just so to represent my nonchalant, care-free attitude that says to the viewer "yeah, Im in the bathroom, but so what. this is life."?

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

make sure you don't actually point your face toward the camera, steve. you should only move your eyes so you're simply looking up at the lens.

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

Make sure you're wearing some nice undies, Steve.

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

steve doesn't wear undies

aled profile pic Alumni



i thought this was about vlasic pickles!

aled profile pic Alumni

Olly's Zombies, Glennz Darkside of the Garden and Phone Home. The one with the unicorns shagging. Jublin's 'I heart shootgun zombies'. PLUS MANY MORE!

aled profile pic Alumni

Yeah Glennz has a few classics. I think official Classics should be designs that were first printed over 2 years ago, and have a kind of timeless (or at least long lasting) appeal.


Motovino is totally a classic

aled profile pic Alumni


SuperRyan profile pic Alumni

Bald Eagle.

More so because I really, really would like a reprint of it - but hey, it rocks.


It's difficult to say really... threadless is kinda split into two sides:

the really simple and sometimes wacky graphical tees like liquid shot, captain bellyflop strikes again, road block, afternoon delight, the morning after etc

then theres the artistic side of threadless that likes to print really immaculate illustrations and ideas from artists like alexmdc, mathiole, roadkill3d and sonmi to name just few

(the two examples 'The morning after' and 'Shapeshifters are us' simply being my favourites of the two different styles)


oh and as fatheed said, just about anything by glennz

aled profile pic Alumni


aled profile pic Alumni

Just having a look through the designs at .com/all and there is so many old gems that never get reprinted. It sometimes seems to be a lot of the same stuff. I realise that the same designs stay near the top because if it's reprinted, people see it more and rare more likely to request reprints - but I wish there was a few curve-ball reprints every now and then.


Dark Side of The Garden

Ste7en profile pic Alumni

I was wearing the pandamonium first edition hoodie before I saw this blag. That is how classic I am. Hoodies, Hoodies, Hoodies.


In the last episode of Californication season 2 you can see a guy wearing a Funkalicious t-shirt. I took a screenshot:

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

funkalicious is the quintessential threadless tshirt

Ste7en profile pic Alumni

and I believe, at the time, a lot of people were angry it was printed...crazy how the atmosphere changes (for the better)

SuperRyan profile pic Alumni



Reprint DIABOLICAL HOTDOG, dammit.

That is all.

lunchboxbrain profile pic Alumni

Funkalicious is indeed a true classic.

The original run of the I Heart Threadless tee is also a kick ass classic


One thing I dont like about Classics is that I check threadless every week and rush to buy the shirts that I like. They sell out and I feel good that I have one of the limited edition shirts. Then months later the shirt is classic and everyone can have. Its a little selfish I know, but that is what makes a Threadless T a Threadless T. On the same account I wouldn't own Funkalicious if it wasn't a classic, so I'm thankful.

spacesick 2

hooray! I own two threadless classics! I'M HIP!


i totes sent that same Californication screenshot to bnanna several weeks ago.....the threadspotting has been MIA though. :/


I always saw 'Inside You' as one of the most classic threadless tees, but thats maybe because its the first threadless tee I saw. It is, and probably always will be one of my top 5 favourite tees, even though I dont actually own it haha reprint maybe?

aled profile pic Alumni

^ yeah, that bp one has definitely the potential to be a classic. I guess to become a classic, a tee needs to have been reprinted several times.

I think it's a great idea to have a sub-category of branded 'Classic' tees that include the most iconic and popular tees Threadless has produced. Maybe in a year or so, some of the watercolour style designs will be classic? I guess it's about the content and the style both standing the test of time and remaining relevant.

Olly's Spoilt tee is a classic for sure.

aled profile pic Alumni

And include Type Tees in that. Rolf's Haiku slogan. Interpretive dance. Procrastinators. Meat is Murder... All classics IMO.

Ste7en profile pic Alumni

Yeah, the Haiku is a classic.

The Morning After, Snack, Scram! and Afternoon Delight are what I think of when I think Threadless.


I'd love to see this tee reprinted. It's a classic.

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

I would love to see I WAS a TEENAGE MOnsteR reprinted for October, Halloween. An awesome old Threadless tee.

evan3 profile pic Alumni

i want to say lemonaid
and russian newborn
i have been wanting those for 2 years!
and Doll

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

darn it...

that was supposed to be the tee "I am analog"

another classic:

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