[feedback] Investing in a good coat

Hey all!

Just wondering if you can help me out with choosing a new winter coat. The one I've been wearing for the past five years has gotten all ratty and sorts. I've shortlisted four below. Thanks loads, I really appreciate this! :D

90-percent wool/10-percent cashmere
DKNY Wool and Cashmere Walker Coat $129.99 (+ $2.95)

80-percent wool/20-percent nylon
Kenneth Cole Reaction Wool Military Coat $129.99 (+ $7.95)

Black Rivet Woolen Pea Coat $69.99 + ($2.95)

Kenneth Cole Hooded Woolen Coat $72.99 (+ $2.95)

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Watch this

I like the one with a buckle around the neck


hehe, looks like no one likes the one with the hood.

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

i'd go with a classic black coat.. but that's me


I like the Black Rivet Woolen Pea Coat


i think hoods look kinda funny on coats of that length and material. but i haven't seen the coat in person, so....


the black rivet's cute, and not too expensive, too.


Thanks for all your comments! So far, DKNY is leading in the polls, with 6 votes; followed by KCR Military Coat and Black Rivet with 4 votes each; and KC Hooded Coat with 1 vote.

eskimokiss, I thought about that too, but my last coat was black, so I feel I want something different this time.

Kikiroki, I guess I threw in the hooded coat because hats always look so odd on me! ^^


honestly they are all really boring to me. sorry.


DKNY is a classic design tat you'll be able to wear for a few years without it looking dates. The colour is good for Autumn, Winter and Spring.

I'm such a girl.

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