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Octopus King

so what can I do to make this better?


fun concept

change the black to another dark color maybe a gray faded distorted gray can you critique mine? please click me

Octopus King

Just did :)

Can you explain exactly what you mean by a faded distorted gray?


Octopus King

I think of what to do with the "u". Thanks.

Also, wouldn't spreading it across the shirt make it awkward and hard to read when it's actually being worn by someone? I was thinking that the amount of horizontal space that it is currently taking up would fill up the space that isn't curving backwards to go around someone's body.


The right cowboy boot: I would think that it would read fine but just written the other way (rather than reflected.)

I think it would look nicer if the second h was slightly shorter - the u is the only letter that is smaller than the others. I also think the first h does not need the extra black blocks to fit into the boots.

I'm also not sure if the u should be anything.

Snack Attack!


"Can you explain exactly what you mean by a faded distorted gray?"

^no you didn't or maybe you did but on my screen the type shapes still looks like a black color, I mean gray color #3a3a3a and a little distortion or just make everything smaller and use a gray or even go daring with a brown(you're choice)

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