What Were You Gonna Be Named If You Had Been A Boy/Girl?

A couple of us had this convo to a bunch of bewildered folk on the bus in Chicago and I thought it would be fun to continue!

Did your parents have any other names for you if you turned out to be the opposite sex you are, or were there other names for you that were considered that you would have shot yourself in the soul if you had to walk around life with a name like that?

My girl name would have been Shara, which is actually pretty cool I think. My parents did a pretty good job of picking boy/girl names that x-treme skateboarded the edge of unique yet not completely ridiculous.

So, what about you peeps?

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My parents didn't know I was even coming. They just named me after the last TV show they had seen.

Same thing happened with my brother Lucy.


Not a true story.

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haha Rodriga, i guess i could have also been turned into Evelyn.

Alvin, I'm glad you're parents weren't watching Perfect Strangers so we wouldn't call you Balky....or Cousin Larry.

Alex, that's a damned good double-edged name.


No boys names were in the works for me because they thought I was going to be a girl. They thought my brother was going to be a girl, and had the name Monique in mind. When he was born, they just named him after my dad. So I guess if I were born a boy, my name would be David.

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But I'm serious! :P

I don't know what name my parents would choose if I were a girl, but I know that my ame would be Rodrigo Alexandre but my cousin Alexander was born first and stole the Alexandre - He's called Ricardo Alexandre, something like Richard Alexander in english. It's a family curse: everyone has 2 names. My name is Rodrigo Leonardo. AWFUL.


St. John.

pronounced Sinjun. Not really, but my dad really likes British humor and he always tells me that's what my name would have been.

It took my parents like 8 years to have me, and they couldn't have any other kids. Not to mention I was pretty premature. I don't think they were so much worried about names.

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My mom "knew" I was going to be a girl and knew my name was going to be Amy. My father was not informed of this until after the fact. As a result, when my mom got pregnant with my sister, my dad said he was going to come up with the names for the baby but couldn't come up with anything serious. He said he would name her Caleb or Hortence. I actually think Caleb would have been a cool name. Maybe if I have a son I will name him Caleb.

courtney pie

I was almost Elizabeth.
Idk my boy name... lemme text my mom and ask.

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I was a reminder that condoms aren't always reliable

I think at some point my parents were considering naming me PSA

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People, quiz your parents, we must know your alter gender ego name right now!

Amy, Caleb is a pretty kickass name. Let's just leave Hortence in the harry Potter reject name pile, lol.

Tora, you must have been the happiest accident this side of Bob Ross.

The Amazing Fracturedpope

Myself and my two brothers were all going to be called Claire were any of us girls.

It's a fat girl's name.


I would have been Hector or Hamish. I am glad I was a girl.

courtney pie

oh good grief, Jedediah nickname Jed.

wtfh ma?! glad I'm a girl!


I would've been named after my dad -- Steven. That's what my younger brother's name is.

My name was going to be Angel but my mom changed her mind when my uncle started dating some heinous chick with that name.


And if my brother had been a girl his name would've been Lisa.

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jet approves

i don't know what i would have been named had i been a boy, but as i mentioned in chicago, my mom wanted to name me julianna marie.


Ste7en on Sep 18 '09 at 12:39pm


My Dad wanted to name me Shannon, luckily my Mom won out with Nicole.
If I was a Shannon, it would be totally weeeeeird!

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I was going to be named Kevin either way, so it is good news things turned out the way they did.

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Right up until birth I was supposed to be Eric. But I didn't look like an Eric according to my parents. So on the spot, my dad came up with Jon.

I have never heard of any planned girl's names.

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i think i was going to be "Roni" regardless.. for a split second i was almost "Amos" but my dad's name is andy, and he wasn't in the joking mood at the time..


I'm pretty sure I'm in the, my mum said I was going to be whatever gender I am (a boy) so no alternative gender names were developed.


I'd guess Kevin, as that's my brother's name.


I have just been informed that was a total lie....

My name was going to be Sarah

Also to add insult to injury it was my sister my mum was adimant she was going to be a girl.


I was gonna be Stevie Jr. as a boy.

I was almost named Greer, Anastasia or Talia. Not sure how they came up with Nikki, I think after a soap opera character.


this is a good blog

Brandon...I woulda been a brandon.

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my folks aren't around to ask, but i'm pretty sure they were going to name me kopano is if i were a boy.


if I was a boy, I'd want to be named Simba. if I was a girl, I'd want to be named Nala.

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Kevin is a good name. I approve of all the almost-Kevins in here.


or the wizard, whoever said 'the wizard" I'm gonna kiss you on the head.


oh weird, envermind, I thought it was a dude that said it. Now I just feel weird...

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i'm divorcing this blog


don't write shit that I like and I happen to see while scrolling down really fast, man. Be boring.

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fine, julia, but you'll owe this blog one half of all your future earnings.

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