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The Puffin's World

  • by DeniseWCM
  • posted Sep 17, 2009

Puffin is cute. I love puffin and the fish.

Thanks for voting, friends... :)

Watch this

Puffin is cute. I love puffin and the fish.
Thanks for voting, friends... :)


I like the children's story feel to it; wish it didnt have to cut off abruptly at edges... neat characters!


hey thanks applegary...

I am very glad that it is finally approved for voting. Hope it will get printed so that in the future I could continue to work more on this type of 'story-based' artwork for your guys and for children as well. I love to work artwork done by mix media: charcoal, color pencil, ink and watercolor... :-)
hey guys, please help me to push this UP and need your kind and wise comment too...! Tx...:-D


hey Ivantobealone, thanks for comment and voting...! :-D
I just check your work, you are great indeed in drawing...keep up the good job friend!


ya, I got a shock and had great laugh the first time I did some research on this lovely bird and get to know their power of holding so many small fish in their mouth at one time. Check out:



Are you from Iceland...I got a very Iceland feel from this and I don't know why (well the puffins and fishing are big things in Iceland....but yeah)


I'd buy it as a PRINT! awesome mix media ; )


hi Kristen, the background picture is actually Ullapool...! Oh, I do wish to travel to Iceland one of these days, in fact, travel around the globe. Tx for your comment.

hi Kelly, yeah, tx for comment...:-D


I've never seen a puffin before ;) i like what you've drawn, especially the pop of colours on the beak and the streaks of feathers.


this is GREAT

this is one of the few shirts on this site that is interesting at all

i'd totally buy it

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Right on nice drawing!


Constance6356: thanks Constance...hope you keep on creating good art and don't give up easily.
hillary: Tx for your support and interest in this...:)
Phil Jones: yeah, tx...! :-D

Well, the puffin is dead now, or rather, perhaps this is not where Puffin destined to survive...poor puffin!


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