My Dog Can Lick Your Dog

  • by ozf5
  • posted Sep 16, 2009

Going simple...big, bold, fun...

Watch this

Going simple...big, bold, fun...


Whoops, see a glithc with the shading on the tongue. I'll fix that, but what do you think?


Going simple...big, bold, fun...
corrected. So any comments? Submit? Back to the drawing board?


Thanks artboycat, anyone else...?


Haha. Cool. Submit this! :)

Btw, thanks for the critique.
Oh, should I leave the iCare text on the heart or not? B/c I had that in my previous versions.


Thanks AwesomeGirl86. I'll go back to your design and coment on the text in the heart


Great t-shirt idea! Love the bold typeface and color combination. Submit it!! :)

Thanks for your critique!


You could integrate the text more with the image. Like having a small red fire hydrant instead of the period. Or have one of the letters being a bone shaped dog biscuit (the i in lick for example).


Good ideas EricDiaz, Prophecy518, and ibyes. I think I'll work on some slobber...


Haha this is an awesome design! I agree about the slobber, maybe a drip flying off or something, but overall love it.

Parachuting Raptors


Hey, fun design! Though the shading helps lots, one thing that I'd add would be a line at the back of the tongue to give it a bit more shape. Also I think some curved eyebrows might be nice, right now it looks like the dog is sad or worried. Keep it up!

BurritoGoblin profile pic Alumni

I'd spend a little more time on the shine of his nose. It looks like drips of stuff. Just a nicely made kidney bean shape would work.

I'd also just make sure that line of the tongue carried through the whole way against his mouth. The shadow part is noticeably separate from the rest of the shape. Just using the pathfinder tool or a mask in illustrator will help keep things uniform if pulling the points is too tedious.

Just spending a couple minutes making all those shapes a little more pleasant will work wonders ~

Nice work.


ahh cute!

i like the idea ericdiaz said, with the bone lettering.


Going simple...big, bold, fun...
Fixed some things, and took the advice from the above critiques. Let me know if I should submit this version, and thanks to everyone for their suggestions and comments!


I think is time to submit.
And thanks for your critique.


the "i" shaped as a bone is very nice!


too funny...but i think the dog should look a little ready for war or something


unless that wasn't what you were going for

ibyes profile pic Alumni

instead of having the "Dog" full of slober (which now looks like icicles) maybe have a puddle underneath "your dog" Also maybe less slobber but vary drops big and small.


Thanks everyone, but again one person says don't submit--why? It's not very helpful to tell someone not to submit a design without explaining why...


Here's the latest version. Ready to submit?
ibyes thanks for the puddle suggestion...and thanks to everyone who has constructively critiqued the design and everyone who has just viewed it!


Nice improvements from the beginning. The droplet on the O is a bit odd. The droplets coming from the tongue are now too evenly placed, I'd change that up some. The puddle is much better than the frosty effect on the previous version.

Could you please comment on my critique.


OK, final version? I'd like to submit this design, I've taken into account everyone's advice and I think it's now ready. Let me know what you think. Thanks.


I really like this design. It's funny and not too overwhelming. I really like how well done the dog slobber is. My only suggestion would be to work on the tongue a little bit more. It looks a little stiff.

thanks for commenting on my tee. It was really helpful :)

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