How do I?

I can't seem to make my file size smaller.

it's at the correct sizing, but I can't reduce the pixels any more then I already have without losing the detail in my design.


Watch this

the sizing of the file is correct. i have it set to 640 width but the size of the file still says it's at like 450 kb


i can't scale it down without losing all my details :(

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I cant think what else you can do when you sat losing detail how bad do you mean? because you can always hotlink a detailed image from your design description


ya, i'm getting really upset at this! lol.
i made it exactly how they said.

640 width

i can't get the KB below 400 without losing a lot of details


if you get printed does threadless ask you for the higher quality picture?

if so i wouldn't mind losing so much detail.

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if you get printed does threadless ask you for the higher quality picture?


create a separate file for preview only with the dpi set to 72

that should solve your dilemma



but it still comes out to 400kb:(
is there something i'm not doing right.
what could be causing it to be such a big file?

thanks so much for all the help guys


never mind, gif files come out smaller then jpg ones.
i didn't know that.

thanks for all your help:)
i really appreciated it.


I thought it was supposed to be at least 150 dpi... so would it help if you made it at a higher dpi?

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