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  • by cjgammon
  • posted Sep 13, 2009

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Maybe make a bigger head. Also, offset it so that it's so in your face, in an awkward, bad way. Really good idea. ^^


thank you for commenting!!


should i use a different saying? any ideas?


I like it.
Your face drawing is OK, but the text is not goo for me...not its meaning, but the font and the way it is displayed.
Maybe get rid of the bubble and just display the text like that?

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i'll play with the text some, any ideas about the skull? is this worth it?


I don't feel green is the best color for anger. Green is for envy. I think he would look angrier in red.


removed text


i'm not sure more faces would really add anything to it.


is this worth doing?


It's a bit empty... Taking off the writing takes off the concept too... There should be an idea behind the design, or maybe the illustration should be more complex...

Constructive criticism
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added text back


great design! I love it!
What I am not shure if the head is Hit by the lightning? I mean the head is electrified right? If so maybe put in white some of the outer elements in white as the electricity is passing..

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its really cool, but i dont like the speech bubble. and i agree with d-alien.

maybe you have time to crit mine?
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trying different stuff

randyotter3000 profile pic Alumni

Altho I dont really understand whats going on I think it actually looks quite cool and I dont think thier is a great deal you can change without a complete reworking I say submit it and see hoe it goes :)

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i'll take that as a 'this probably isn't worth it'. maybe i'm trying to force a non-idea too much.


the reasoning for the tree is that most people interpreted it as this skull head being struck by lightning, so i figured i go with it and treat it like a wizard of oz/god in the sky kind of illustration. so i added the ground to give it that context. i guess that's too much explanation and maybe the ground isn't necessary.


removed tree.


This looks really great, I like the style! sub!

Any thoughts on Geek Monster?

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I think its cool a good time of year to do this but I'm not crazy about the color options. The darker gray was better. What type of art inspired this? Native, Aztec, Mexican? I wouldn't know but whatever it is look at that for some ideas about color, that's always fun, just a suggestion. Check out my design and critique it if you will. click here


mostly mexican/mayan artwork inspiration. they'd probably use more warm colors traditionally. to be honest this was kind of a doodle that just grew into this, so there wasn't a whole lot of thought behind it. and i'm not sure where it's going.


warmer colors


OU GREAT that you put white on the outer edges! Now this is it! GREAT LOVE it!

please crit this 2nd version:
Funny Rodeo v2


version 6 too!


everyone seems to like these colors better, i do too.

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