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My 7 year old sister's brilliant poetry.

Title: I Saw a Dog

I walked
under the bridge
I saw a dog
eating some chips
he was going
to my house
eating chips

He was a dog
He was a puppy
Everything happened
in the house
in the house

He jumped over the fence
Look at me
Look at me

Watch this

I think that your sister is destined to become a famous rapper.


im pretty sure the dog is a metaphor for something.


I've been trying to figure out a super cool abstract meaning for it, but with no success. Everyone is welcome to try.


Aww. Were you an only child or just the youngest?

B 7
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that is a total rip of emily dickinson

B 7
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only joking it's very cute and lovely


Aww. So you had older brothers? Sometimes I wish I had older siblings to guide me through life and whatnot. Maybe if I had an older brother I'd play sports or something. Or maybe just have a mustache. It's very flattering on you (referring to your picture) by the way. :)

Pssh..Emily Dickinson wishes she could write like my sister.

I shouldn't say that. She'll haunt me or something. There's that one black and white picture of Emily Dickinson that scares the hell out of me. Maybe since I saw it reciting a poem on YouTube before I went to bed one night.

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mostly older siblings are just there to hit you with things. That is like 90% of their job.


Awesome analysis.
Amazing as alliteration.

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