It's Toile About You

  • by EmmyCic
  • posted Sep 11, 2009

Toile de Jouy, aka "toile" (Twahl), is a style of fabric consisting of fairly complex scenes drawn in black, red, or blue, usually on off-white backgrounds.

From a distance it looks like a cute vintage toile pattern.

But up close it is far more quaint than that!

To be belt printed a darkish blue on a cream shirt.

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Nat Huck

I third the hoodie idea! I will buy this!

Katie Zee

I want thissssss!!!!!
Maybe you could do a red print one as well? I love the blue and would love to see how red would look :D


My two loves just met, B1nd1 and Threadless- and I couldn't be happier! :'D
This shirt better get printed, because I'm buying it right away!


I am a real comment and I approve of this shirt.


i love this old illustration style!!
well done 5$!!


my favorite

igo2cairo profile pic Alumni

Haha, wish I had half as many internet friends as you. Anyway, really funny idea and a charming style! :)


This is hilarious :)


This is good, but can you make one with robots and swords so manly men like myself can wear it?

Shih Tzu

It is fantastic! I hope to wear it!


@MarcoBat16: That is SUCH a good idea. Emmy, are you reading all of these comments?


Toile featuring robots and swords? Sounds pretty attractive to me xD


Too busy if you ask me..... I know you didn't.


Too busy if you ask me..... I know you didn't.


I love Emmy. I have no money but I'd go in debt for you.

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

i thought it was pretty rad till i realized there are only 4 images tiled


This tee is just so much fun to look at :)


This is completely fantastic!


lots of non-avatars which is meh but.. this is still cute.


I too support the idea of robot toile.


Jinkies! 3.84! Nice score indeed.


Decent score, though I think it deserves higher. Hope this gets made. I would very much like to sport one.

EmmyCic profile pic Alumni

What a great score! Thank you so much for voting, everyone! :)


nice score Emmy! PRINT!


so excited to own this!

ISABOA profile pic Alumni



deviantART fans, actually.

Doctor Crow

When is this coming out, yo?


I hope hope hope it gets printed, Emmy!


Good job, Emmy!

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

deviantart has a great mob


Please do one with robots. Toile and robots, now that would be great, or maybe ninjas with swords beating up robots. So many funny toile possibilities. . .

jess4002 profile pic Alumni

congrats! :D

B 7
B 7 profile pic Alumni



I think you guys need to realise that Emmy here has probably introduced more people to threadless then any of us combined using legitimate techniques that threadless actually encourages.

So well done Emmy and congrats on the print.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

sjem on Dec 26 '09
I think you guys need to realise that Emmy here has probably introduced more people to threadless then any of us combined using legitimate techniques that threadless actually encourages.

And that matters to me from an artistic sense why? And I checked a random 5 or 6 of these people Emmy "introduced" to our wonderful threadless world, and very few had scored more than 2 or 3 submissions since this one and have not subbed any slogans or designs.

This could be a very cool print if it was put on the shirt in a more interesting way and not the same scene tiled over and over again, but please don't use that mode of thought to legitimize this piece.

And of course, congrats to anyone who gets a print on Threadless, it's a mighty accomplishment no matter what i think of the product!


Hey FnA - you're quite right, from an artistic sense it means nought. I think the score on this tee is greatly exaggerated too, I'm just making the point that Threadless has a vast amount of experience in deciding what does and does not print, and they have made the call on this one. I also reckon maybe 1 out every 50 people who Emmy has introduced end up participating further - but every bit helps.

Let me also add that I hold your input and experience on Threadless in the highest regard so it's great to chew the fat over this kinda thing with you.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

sjem, you're probably right about the 1 in 50 people even though like i said that doesn't factor into what prints or doesn't from an observer's view (or course I want Threadless to do well, but still), and as for holding my opinion in the highest regard, even i don't do such a thing! hehe. Yeah man, spirited debates are why i love this place.

HorsefaceDee profile pic Alumni

I totally need a deviantart account

jublin profile pic Alumni

I think it's great! Reminds me of a naked&angry shirt I have done by Ray Fenwick. I hate it when threadless becomes whiney and elitist if someone new gets a high score and uses their fanbase to an advantage. It's embarrassing.


Congrats on the print!
This is hilarious. I used to have a job scanning fabrics like this for a company's web images. If I could, I would buy one for everyone at the old job.

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