Radio Rabbit

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I think I'm in love with radio rabbit. He's seriously cute. Maybe a pink shirt?


Purple colour as by request and suggestion of my one and only commenter.
(Thanks btw ^^)
And cause I wanted colour but couldn't decide. :D


Actually up close its a cloud, the whole edge.
Besides they don't make a shirt in that purple of colour.

But thank you. ^^

I like it, but I think that the edges should be a little more....scattered? Like, don't have it end in a "clumpy" way. (Sorry I can't think of any better words. D: ) The picture should end a little bit more flowy.


I agree, there's not enough color choices for these tshirts! I spent a ton of time trying to make my design work well on the limited amount of color tshirts. But, enough about me, I'm still loving radio rabbit. Is pindian trying to say that radio rabbit works for seti? Maybe he's talking to the aliens on planet five. Or... maybe he's visiting the moon and talking to Betty, the ham radio operator in Cleveland?

Check out my weirdness k?


Haha.. lol Ham operators.. ah boy.
Yeah so, I might work on the frame of the picture... its just hard, cause I didn't draw it out more, making it a smaller image, since it isn't landscape but portrait in dimensions, it sort of bugs me.


Like the illustration style. How about making the shadows on the ears curve more with the contours of the ears. Nice work.
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