9/7 - Motion City Soundtrack's Tony Thaxton's top 9 LOST moments! (SPOILERS)

Tony Thaxton's top 9 LOST moments!

  1. Faraday reading his notes "DESMOND HUME WILL BE MY CONSTANT"

  2. Juliet's book club meeting while the Flight 815 crashes onto the island

  3. Jacob revealing that John Locke was NOT John Locke

  4. The first view of Desmond inside the hatch

  5. Richard Alpert being at the hospital when John Locke was born

  6. Michael shooting Ana Lucia and Libby

  7. The moment we finally saw Jacob AND the statue

  8. The first flash forward "WE HAVE TO GO BACK!"

  9. The moment you found out John Locke was in a wheelchair

Along with being a big fan of LOST, Tony plays drums for Motion City Soundtrack (and tweets a heck of a lot!)! The new MCS record, My Dinosaur Life was produced by Blink-182's Mark Hoppus and will be released later this year!

The winner: jess4002 !

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Motion City + LOST?! NICE!

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also #1 moment has got to be when the light goes on in the hatch, turned on by desmond




i'm totally lost

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  1. Sayid working for Ben as an assassin.
  2. Jack doing Ben's surgery and cuts into his kidney sac. "Kate, dammit, RUN!"
  3. Walt being taken from the raft.
  4. Jack administering CPR on Charlie.
  5. Ben moves the island.
  6. We learn what happens when the button isn't pushed.
  7. When Jack, Hurley and Kate are back on the island and there's Jin in a DHARMA jumpsuit.
  8. The person in the crate is John Locke. "If that's Locke, then who is in there?"
  9. Charlie's "NOT PENNYS BOAT" death.

    Tony Thaxton's #1: John. Locke. Wheelchair. WHAT?!

I was going to Guess NOT PENNY'S BOAT, but Jeff beat me so I guess...when Sayid shoots the guy on the golf course.


Tony Thaxton's #1: John. Locke. Wheelchair. WHAT?!

That's probably my #1. Not a 'Holy shitballs, what the fuck just happened' moment, but one of the most moving things I've ever seen.

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Moment #1. That scene in the series finale where they finally explain in a entirely satisfying manner what was up with that weird bird that knew Hurley's name.


Easy #1. Moment #1 -- When Charlie drowns, and puts his hand up to the glass and it says "Not Pennys Boat"

My top 9:

9. The freighter blowing up.
8. Sawyer jumping out of the helicopter.
7. When they realize the others are wearing make up and living not as animals.
6. The taking of Walt.
5. Ben ending up in the desert after the frozen donkey wheel.
4. Opening the Hatch for the first time.
3. Ben killing John Locke by strangulation.
2. Hurley and the others driving around in the van for fun.
1. We have to go back flashforward.


LOVE THIS. I think his #1 moment is Charlie drowning from the grenade in the Lookingglass and writing "Not Penny's Boat" on his hand.

My top 9:

9. Hurley's mother saying "Jesus is NOT a weapon!" after he threatens to use it as one.
8. Arzt blows up while handling dynamite.
7. Watching the orientation video. CREEPY.
6. "Not Pennys Boat..." - Charlie's death. SO SAD I CAN'T EVEN BELIEVE IT.
5. The electromagnetic blast and all the craziness that came with it.
3. The plane crash in general, and people screaming all over the place. EXCITING.
2. Opening the hatch, and the realization that Desmond is NOT a flashback.
1. Nikki and Paulo get buried alive. TERRIFYING.


When Walt is taken off of the raft

  1. Not Penny's Boat!

1. Hurley saves the day in the restored Dharma van.


whennn are they giving us the answers?! :)


I pick when Arzt blows himself up...come on how classic is "dude ya got a lil Artz on ya"!!!


Tony Thaxton's #1: Ben moves the island


taz-pie on Sep 09 '09 at 10:50am
whennn are they giving us the answers?! :)

After 4PM threadless time

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oh man! i need to watch LOST again, but this moment always gets me

8. Juliet's book club meeting while the Flight 815 crashes onto the island

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  1. When they realize they're lost
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also when sun thinks jin blew up on the boat was pretty intense

and then when jin meets the younger danielle and crew


1... "Dude... you've got some Arzt... on you" -Hurly

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arzt had it comin


My number one would be when Desmond decides to buy the ring at the jewelry shop and Eloise Hawking tells him that" this is wrong, you don't buy the ring. You have second thoughts you walk out the door" Those lines still blows my mind, when I see it this scene.

If anyones interested you can see the clip here


holy cow jess!

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