Mid-century Koi

Inspired by grandma's house

Watch this

Love it! Makes me feel at peace with the world. That's a 5er!


Very nice! I like your use of color and the lightness of your lines.


Absolutely love it!


great work!


I like it, most very much. Well, I would. Koi = all good.


those textures reminds me of somethin..

ndikol profile pic Alumni

so cute :D :D

VaVa Pie

really lovely


its very beautiful, but i dont know abt the placement of the fish


i think its amazing though, id still buy it!

lawrence loh
lawrence loh profile pic Alumni

its really nice!especially the texture of the fish!


i can't wait for this shirt, well done. i would have to agree about the iffy placement, i would play around with it and see if you can get it to flow a little better.

pocket_penguin profile pic Alumni

I'm almost always a fan of just centering something right smack in the middle of the chest, but it seems like the threadless community has an obsession with off-centering artwork. I think I initially like the placement best right in the center, but I moved it over to the side in the hopes to please more people. Anyways, the placement is open to discussion :)

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I guess the other place where I could see it working is in the lower left corner instead of the upper left... But sometimes things placed there look awkward with, ahem, certain lady parts. I'm wary of placing it where the bulk of the artwork would interact with boobies, 'cause that's one thing I don't like about a few of the shirts that I own.




I like the fish patterns. Most excellent.


The placement totally makes this design. I love it.


I would snap it up in a heartbeat on Navy, but maybe not on the other colors. Still, wonderful design, I love it.

pocket_penguin profile pic Alumni

Navy's always my first choice for t-shirt color, but I also own about 5 different navy Threadless tees. It's a pretty common color 'round here... (but that's cause it's good).


I'd want it in the olive,

nice, but maybe with the koi wrapping the body?

around the waist?

HB Watermellon

ditto! I had the same reaction...
This one just clicks...it's....beautiful!
I wants it!

E. Jones

I like the placement myself. I think it adds a fluid grace to the design.

I agree with the artist though, that the off-center placement thing is a little played out on Threadless. I'm a fan of the "smack in the middle of the chest" school of tee shirtery.


thts a beautiful design! i'll order one forsure whn its available! :)


I like the placement actually, buy playing around with it certainly wouldn't hurt the design. Some patterns around the koi or even following after them may help too.

Still a 5 though, love it.


beautiful idea and design

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