The Last (redux)

  • by jrmasm
  • posted Aug 24, 2009

still working on the fisherman part of this. .. any suggestions other wise?-

layout on t-shirt in next version...

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still working on the fisherman part of this. .. any suggestions other wise?-
layout on t-shirt in next version...

azarello it necessary to add a fisherman?

illustration is good as it is now..if i were u, my main trouble would to give it a good title that connects ppl to the illo. always, thts been my issue haha.

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on a shirt-still working on the fisherman part. see version1 for close up and explanation

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monochromatic version with new fisherman..

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lol they are kind of clown feet now that you mention it...


yes! monochromatic!
fisherman's dream...
I think (if it is dream) it should be lighter at the head of dreamer and goes realer and brighter up. and maybe edges of spray shoud be not so sharp- it feels like cuted paper.
splashes are very cool here.

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new mono and new fisherdood is awesome. Lets see it on a tshirt. My suggestion is to loosen the lines a bit more. Right now, some of the lines are making it look like roots rather than rushing water. Especially the one swirling around the bigger fish. It looks like vines to me.

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Thanks for all the suggestions. They have been really helpful and I've tried to incorporate them where I could.

Also the meaning behind this is more about death then dreaming. The fish on the right is the soul of the fisherman- it's a little more pure (innocent?) and therefore has the rounded splashes. The fish on the left is death that has come to embrace the new soul. It's splash are more hooked...


It looks great right now, really great linework. Only one small bit I would change and that is the fisherman, he looks a bit disconnected from the rest of the design right now.

I wouldn't connect him to the fish with lines like in version 3 but maybe you can do some more splattering in the background so that he comes out more and the bottom part of the tee is a bit darker. Just a tiny bit though.

I'd wait for a second opinion though :) but it's just an idea.

Should you have some time to spare vote/comment, thanks and good luck with your design.

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maybe not too light on the thing that's coming out of his head, if the fisherman is dreaming, maybe play with dream bubbles but make it random and more connected to the splatter, and maybe have a gradual transition. in other words, as the dream/waves goes up it's gradually transitioning from those bubble splatters to the waves so as to make it not look like you just faded it a bit.

if you have time, please:

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