You just can't stop the plagiarism

  • by Nei Nei
  • posted Aug 17, 2009

This is my first blog on Threadless :D but on a rather unfortunate note. :/

I recently received a catalogue from an Australian clothing chain called Best & Less in the mail, and noticed a boy's pajama set with exactly the same x-ray dog motif as this shirt. No effort made to alter the design at all, save for a slightly different placement and a few lines of text.

See pajama set here (page 6&7, top left hand corner). There's even an "enlarge image" option so you can see the offending item close up:


I know it can be difficult to pin smaller clothing labels on plagiarism of Threadless tee designs (especially if they slightly alter the design but retain the overall concept), but Best & Less is a relatively large clothing chain in Australia and frankly I'm surprised they thought they could get away with something like this.

So if you are a Threadless fan and live in Australia, please boycott shopping at Best & Less. And if you have never shopped there before, please continue! :D

Watch this
renfrue profile pic Alumni

wow, good eye

Nei Nei

I already did, I doubt if there's much they can do about it though.


I am a teacher that loves Threadless. :)
I get so many comments on this tee and the teaching thing adds some irony. The plagiarism thing is a crapper. What is it w/everybody?


both links tell me not available in my there any way to prove which came out 'prior art' in coptyright and patenting

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