Oh my gosh, Postal shipping is so slowww!!

Seriously! 5-8 days, it's been almost 8 and my t-shirts aren't here yet! How long does it take you guys to get your Threadless swag? And what shipping method do you usually go with? I hate how you can't track your order with Postal, one of my neighbors could've stolen my stuff and I would never know. . .

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cheapest shipping.
if i order on a monday, i usually get it before the end of the week.

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You've been a member for 3 days so unless you ordered with another account it's only been 3 days so you should relax. And if it's 5-8 business days which means Saturdays and Sundays don't count.


ordered monday, recieved today (friday)
live in PA


Oh, no, I placed an order on the 6th, it was shipped the 7th, and it's still not here! I live in an apartment so I dunno what the package will look like, en envelope? A box? I only ordered one shirt. :(

And I have evil neighbors so I'm always nervous when I have stuff sent here.


I have to ship it to a PO box 'cause I don't trust my neighbors, either.


Blargh, I'm just so impatient! Usually when I order stuff online it's in my hands within 4 days, tops. It's not really the time thing that bugs me, it's the fact that there's no way I can locate where the package is. I've been screwed over many a time by shipping companies, and I really want to wear my new shirt!

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Most postal shipments take 5-8 days to arrive. However if there are any local office delays, routing issues, or bad weather, it may take up to 20 days. If your order doesn't arrive within three weeks from the ship date, email us.



Wait, so Postal is for PO boxes and APO addresses, not residences? I'm so confused!

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Postal can be used for whatever. Like it said, it's the post office that delivers it - that's really the biggest different (who delivers it).


Ohhh, I was about to say, holy crap, I didn't know that!

No wonder it's taking so long. It takes forever for USPS to get and process the package from UPS. Darn! Now I know better!! Thanks.


It takes 8 days exactly for me with the cheapest service. My UPS postman actually rings my doorbell and delivers it to me, which is really nice.


Hmmm, well maybe today will be my lucky day! I hope I hope I hope!!


If you just order one shirt it comes in a plastic bag that has the outline of a folded tee shirt printed on it, and threadless written real big. So its pretty obvious what it is. If your mailbox is large enough they will just stick it in there and you'll be fine. But if not you should consider shipping it elsewhere in the future.


You also have to remember that you ordered really close to when they had their big 09/09/09 sale. I normally get my shirts in three days, and I ordered two shirts of the ninth and my order hasn't even been processed yet. It might take them longer than normal right now.

Did you even get an email confirming that your order was shipped?

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