How would you like a National Health Service?

Here in the U.K the vast majority of people believe in the National Health Service (NHS). When there have been suggestions that it be disbanded there have been out cries similar to those currently in the U.S at the sugggestion that a NHS be introduced.

Now the U.K NHS is being used by the U.S Media in this debate and appears to be portraying it as some kind of third rate, third class system. As someone who has worked all his adult life for the NHS ( 20 years) I don't recognise this image. I think a system that provides for everyone is a good thing and the mark of a caring, compassionate society.


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jet approves

i would like it very much. i haven't been to the doctor in forever because my health insurance is horrible and doesn't really cover anything. is dental included too? i don't have any dental insurance, so that would be really nice.

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jet approves on Aug 14 '09 at 12:30pm
is dental included too?

refrains from making joke about British teeth

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Seriously, though, while something like the NHS would be great, I just don't think I could stand to live in a socialist country. How long are the bread lines there in England? Have you ever been sent to a labor camp?


Finding an NHS Dentist is becoming harder and harder. Alot are now private and costs a fortune. It's one area of Health care that has suffered and not been taken care of. That sais I have an NHS Detist and the care is excellent. You still pay but compartively, it's little.

Also, although there is a standing joke about British teeth it's not as bad as it's portrayed. I should think percentage wise there are as many Americans with poor teeth and dental care as there are British. They just don't get heard much.


And nasmo, your your comment made me laugh out loud but there is a serious point there too. I think alot of opposition comes from the perception that it is a Socialist ideal. Something that strikes the fear into alot Americans.

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Yeah, the conservatives here are definitely playing up that fear. It's ridiculous and utterly obnoxious.
There is a rumor that's been created/encouraged by some on the far right that Obama's healthcare plan will force senior citizens past a certain age to be euthanized, which would be hilarious if there weren't so many stupid stupid old people taking it seriously.

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people really believe that? ^ zomg!

jet approves

damnit, i want dental! my teeth are so cavity prone, and it's costing me so much it's ridiculous.


Lol nasmo. The trouble is and correct me if I'm wrong but you don't seem to be having a balanced debate about this. The media is coming from one point of view.

They even trundled out some obscure Conservative EU MP who no one in the U.K has ever heard of to talk about how the NHS is a bad idea. Where is the counter view?

jet - sorry about your teeth :( That sucks

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As far as I can tell, it's just a whole bunch of shouting. No real discussion of the facts.

Hooray American politics!


how ridiculous is the health care debate? this ridiculous:

People such as scientist Stephen Hawking wouldn't have a chance in the U.K., where the National Health Service would say the life of this brilliant man, because of his physical handicaps, is essentially worthless.

that was surprising to hawking, who is british.

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everyone should have health care. and a pony.


stalliongsta - thanks for that link even though it is depressing in the extreme.

Tracer - I don't know if Obamas budget will stretch to ponies. Was that an election pledge? If so, big mistake.

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nasmo on Aug 14 '09 at 12:36pm
Seriously, though, while something like the NHS would be great, I just don't think I could stand to live in a socialist country. How long are the bread lines there in England? Have you ever been sent to a labor camp?

didn't you get the memo socialist wasn't scary enough Obama is now a Nazi.......go figure?

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If there is a national health care system, I'd rather not take part in it. I just see it as another form of Government control. I don't think it'll pass in it's current form, though.

We shall see. I'm going to eat McDonald's now.


I just see it as another form of Government control.

It's interesting that you view it as a form of Government control rather a service that the Government would be providing.

Do most peoples objection lie in an increase in taxes to pay for this? Are people thinking " Taxes will go up, I won't be able to afford the private health care plan I currently have and then I will be reliant on a system that is unlikely to be anywhere as good?


If Stephen Hawking is British, how come he talks with an American accent?

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cos it's the chair that does all the talking. hawking is like michael knight, he just drives the chair. his chair is like kitt but withouth the turboboost

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My opinion on the NHS is mixed. I think it's fantastic in emergencies but woeful when you need something done that isn't life threatening.

case in point - i needed an operation on my vocal chords. not life threatening but damn inconveneient as i was losing my voice on an almost daily basis which was effecting my ability to work. Private health care (which i pay for) sent me to a specialist, to a speech therapist for 3 months, back to the specialist, for the operation and then back to the speech therapist for a further 3 months. That 8 month process was faster than it would have taken the NHS to get me an initial appointment with a specialist.
I've also sat in A&E with a concussion for the better part of 5 hours which isn't pleasant.

on the other hand, I woke up one morning to my housemate throwing up , with a burning fever and sensitivity to light. Having been there myself I recognised meningitis and we hauled him off to A&E. they took one look at him, rushed him into triage where they stuck him in a wheelchair and sped him into quarantime. apparently had it been left a few hours longer he probably would have died.

So if you're dying, they're great and respond accordingly. if you're not dying, then they don't have the resources to see you in a timely manner and you can be left in discomfort for very long periods of time.

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