Threadless in the Wild

What Threadless Tees have you seen complete strangers (not family or friends!) wearing? I know if you're on a college campus this might be a lot. There always seems to be that one kid who gets his entire wardrobe from Threadless. I've seen:

Twice, and I own this one too

Awkward story: Ran into the nude model from my art class on campus and this is what he was wearing.


And probably tons of others that I didn't realize were Threadless shirts or can't remember.

Any alumni seen someone wearing one of their designs? That would probably be pretty awesome. Did you offer to sign their shirt? Haha new plan; posing as an alumni so I can write on people's clothes. ;)

I know this is probably not the most creative blog post ever, but I'm sick of my profile looking so pathetic.

Watch this

Hey Alison - I saw your critique Snake Maze and thought you might be interested in a study I'm doing:

Posted a critique? Does feedback improve designs?

Just to provide a brief explanation. I'm trying to see how feedback influences the development of ideas (in this case design). So, when you sign up, I'll send you a brief personality survey and then I'll gather your critique data and see how it all works together via the magic of statistics. Everyone that signs up will get a free personality profile and be entered in a raffle to win an iPod.

rossmat8 profile pic Alumni


Also I've seen people wearing Communist Party
whatever the shirt with the panda fighting the tanks is called
So Far This is The Oldest I've Been
Nothing Rhymes With Orange

Krimson profile pic Alumni

too many to name. I live in chicago and don't make it through a day without noticing at least 1 threadless tee.


I've seen that Eclipse one, with the sun knocking out the moon or vice versa, a LOT.

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