My abundant appreciation

  • by jbyron
  • posted Aug 10, 2009

Thanks to everyone who has purchased this shirt and thanks to threadless for… well, obvious reasons.
The moment this design was published, the world got a lot smaller for me - it opened many doors and spawned a lot of imitations - all good. My sincerest thanks again.
- jbn |

Watch this

still my all time fav. i wear it proudly. and when i see imitations, man i wanna bash the person wearing them... but not their fault.


did you know tegan from tegan and sara has this shirt?


HI i live in Barcelona and have seen many copies of this, congrats! it turned up all the way over here!


I think every designer/artist hopes at least once in there life that they can have a design become so publicly recognized as this is. Congratulation for doing something so awesome!


classic design


and out of all the shirts I where this one gets the most feedback.


Just out of curiosity do you have any idea how many of these have sold?


This must be the most reprinted shirt? Finally ordered one myself! I've been wanting this since I first saw it (a couple of years ago maybe? -07?), but I've missed it everytime. Now I'm finally getting to wear it!


No wait, must've been -06.


Are the butterflies in this pink or red, it looks pink in the close up shot but red on the shirts.
Is there any place to get the print on a black shirt instead of grey?


what a surprise when my friend came back from asia with one looking about the same... but not the original :)

Keep the good work, it's a wonderful design.


its my absolute favourite...


I wonder if banksy knows about you making money from his design hmmmm?

Miss. Brownstone

Dude I saw someone wearing this design in different colors on not-threadless tee.


Very nice design, but completely stolen from banksy. sad sad


I giggle too myself everytime I see a straight up bite of this design. Great design. Very dark. I love asking people what it means to them.


Stolen from banksy? How? Cuz it's kinda like a stencil? Just curious...

Mind Rape

There's a book I read when I was in about 6th grade called Flowers in the Attic. It's about these children who's father died leaving them destitute. So their good for nothing mother took them to their grandmothers and since the grandfather didn't know that they existed they had to stay in the attic and some pretty crazy things happen. It's bomb. Does it sound familiar?


I'm sure I have seen this design before... Like on most Bullet For My Valentine stuff.

Just asking the question.

Otherwise. Sick design dude.


I love this shirt, This one is the reason why I'm buying shirts from here. I love the this design and all your others I saw.


@ pingreal

not because it looks like a stencil. This design was created by Banksy. Like i said before, i love the design. i just think its sad that someone would abuse the system and take credit for another artists work, to make a quick buck.

jbyron profile pic Alumni

i'm torn when it comes to defending this piece. in one hand i don't want to bother. i feel like i'm lowering myself to participate. - plus, what a great artist to be accused of stealing from (at least i have good taste right?) - but in the other hand, i can't help but get a little annoyed when people share their opinions as if they are facts. XeroxedFate has not done his/her research - which could be done practically without leaving this site - looks to me like before you made the effort to fight for your side, you would make sure that your side was absolutely right. Do your research, kids.
Go Banksy!


Maybe it's just a coincidence, but have you heard of the game Persona 3? The characters summon their alter egos by shooting themselves in the head. It looks pretty much like your print.


It's no coincidence, the design IS by Banksy and it's called Butterfly Suicide - Google it! =-P


I bought this print in Berlin in Mai 2003 - the t-shirt was produced by a firm called "north dragon" - I still wear it! I love the design. The shirt is quite used by now, so maybe I will buy a new here some day. Even though I like mine more, cause the girl is printed on the side, so you don't see her at first and there is a small "surprise effect".


I got iiiiiiiiiiiiit :) it is very cuuuute


This shirt is absolutely amazing! The concept you came up with is surreal and very creative. I hope you make more! :D


offensive shirt... how can anyone make money off a picture representing suicide. Who would wear this?? Heartless people I guess.


Yeah i recognised this from 30 Seconds to Mars stuff... except its a bloke on theres not a girl... n then banksy has this exact design... like i wanna buy this, but not if it means someones getting paid for copying someone elses design... jbyron you say "what a great artist to be accused of stealing from" but then you dont explain HOW banksy's peice Butterfly Suicide is EXACTLY the same... are you saying he stole it from you? or got your permission to use it? Or what exactly are you saying.. you explained nothing in your last comment.... and 30 Seconds to Mars... are you saying they stole your design too? You, Banksy and 30 Seconds to Mars' designer didn't just happen to come up with the exact same design... so who copied who? Explain this and I'll buy the shirt....


What if Jason Byron Nelson = Banksy?


This is probably my favourite Threadless tee - I own it and wear it often. I also think of it fondly.

jbyron profile pic Alumni

i wanted to address a couple of people.

First, inotherwords - i'm sorry you find the image offensive or those who don't, heartless - my intent was to simply balance the beautiful with the horrible (within a piece of art, not a message) - if you follow my work, you'll see that's a theme i indulge in often. Luckily, I have far more people contact me that see the image as one of hope than one of pessimism.

And speaking of… - i also wanted to address hope_is_here - The 30STM design is mine as well - it's the same image i've sold on my personal site for years. 30STM purchased the design from me personally, as well as a couple others. Thanks Jared.

And to continually beat the dead horse - if anyone can find the "butterfly suicide" image as done by banksy, please send it my way. And i don't mean a google link or an image that he's simply credited for, i mean something real, like an image from his personal site or perhaps something with his signature. And it would help if it was prior to 2003 as that's when i submitted it to threadless. I'm sincerely curious why so many people could think i plagiarized the image - is there something out there that i'm not privy to? Most things I've read that state banksy's involvement seem to be a clear case of the writer not having all the facts. But maybe that's only clear to me. It's fun having my name mentioned in the same breath as such a superstar of the art world, but i'd prefer it be because our styles were once similar and not because i'm being accused of ripping him off.

you can contact me through my blog at

This is an interesting topic. I have looked through and through and i havent seen Banksy directly claiming this to be his art work. This is obviously a popular image now, band covers, tattoos other t-shirts are influenced with the same idea. But nothing popped up prior to you submitting this. I think you are %100 right about people needing to do research.

jbyron, i wouldn't worry about defending yourself any more. Im sure that Banksy has heard of this little website. By him not suing you by now, and forcing threadless to quit showing this shirt is proof enough that he didn't originally do it.


Amazing shirt! :) The design is truly great and congrats on the success of getting your shirt printed! And I definitely think Banksy was stealing your design, it's a shame that people automatically believe that you stole the design when you obviously made it in 2003 before that even showed up!

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