I dunno who plagiarised who, but there's some designer called North Dragon who prints the exact same design as this one.

I got mine in Yellow. What do you guys think? Something fishy for sure.

Watch this

Do you know how many years this piece of crap has been on Threadless for?


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that was specific enough to make me laugh


The one on the other site did an interesting little splatter thing on the back, which is a bit more work than the average copycat, but it's still a copycat.


perona 3 has a similar concept ,
where highschooler shoot self with a special gun called evoker to awaken thier self conscience to fight shadows in this funky babel tower during the midnight hour and also has symbolic butterfly throughout the story. it's really beautiful and i really loved it. i wonder if they got inspiration from this design or vice versa?

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piece of crap is a bit rough. i still love and wear this shirt.


The concept of the "Butterfly" you mention in the Persona series has been around a lot longer than just Persona 3. It represents the original master of the Velvet room. But I wondered if this shirt had gotten inspiration from that concept in some way.


This image is from an artist named Banksy.

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leon, you are so emo. lol


30 Seconds to Mars has this same design on a hoodie you can buy on I'd be bummed abot them stealing the idea, but I'm indifferent, considering that band sucks.

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