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  • by pixls
  • posted Aug 03, 2009

This is an idea i had for the inspired by childhood contest, tell me what you think, any changes?

what color tee?

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This is an idea i had for the inspired by childhood contest, tell me what you think, any changes?
what color tee?


Cool, my box was a race car!


Oh, I like this a lot. (Though it took forever for me to decipher the 'g' in wagon and giant).


thanks guys, i'm trying to figure if the box needs to be more textured, or if it's fine how it is?
also i just realized, that's supposed to be "covered wagon" not just cover wagon... i'll fix that, also drop it onto a tee?


make it more beat up, and fix those"g"s, but i like where this is headed


I love the concept, and I actually love the "g"s because it reminds me of children's handwriting. I would only say to work with the text placement and size. Maybe a little smaller and to the bottom right of the box instead of underneath it. The text and the picture just seem too distant.

If you get a chance: http://www.threadless.com/critique/49777/Karma


so i made the box kind of beat up, so it looks more played-in
fixed "cover wagon" to "coverd wagon" those "ed"s always trip kids up
also, @ericamichelle i saw what you said, i'm thinking about it and you may be right, we'll see


i think you should have the alternate names written on the box, not just floating in the air.


Yeah, write them on the box, and maybe have a kid popping out of it, playing with it or something? Or maybe not, just a though.
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i agree, maybe enlarge the picture to have room on the box to write the text, and maybe make sure that if the crossed out lines on the word box are supposed to have been used by the same thing that wrote the words, that it's the same thickness.

Please score my design "Think", thanks!


So, i took what you all said about writing on the box, and did it, i would like it, except it doesnt' look right because there would be variation in coloring and all, but i'm at seven colors right now, suggestions?


also i don't know why it's orange now, i can change that back

Admiral Pants

okay, so you've cleared up te orange thing... but I think it looks awkward with stuff written all over it. Maybe choose just one and color on the box to make it look like that thing. I like the box texture but I think you should go back to the original line style.

baumer5 profile pic Alumni

Maybe you have mini illustrations of children using it as a rocket ship, robot, etc. that surround the box


Maybe just illustrate each side of the box with what it is now written all over it? Like one side has a pirate ship drawn on it, another a rocket ship, etc.

And then maybe kids dressed up like pirates/astronauts/whatever approaching the box from different sides.


ok, so i'm not a big fan of all this about illustrating the different things, like, the point is that they're all still just the box.
i'm considering just going back to having the list, i'm not sure, we'll see...


I think this is better, just all around

you know it's true, tell me what you think!


that would be good too, i think i'm gonna do that, i like the multiple colors idea, oh but wait! i don't know how many colors i've used... oh no! it's already at seven colors... also
idea ...from a friend... put a dinosaur footprint like behind, or like a bunch of loot inside the time machine...


I agree with Charity.ryan, different colors would be good.
and no refrigerator.
Also another color other than white, for the background, would be a little more exciting.


so this is really unnecessary, not ready for a print yet, but i was thinking of a cream tee, and that eliminates the color of the tape, see!?
i am so tired!


wow v5 i messed something up, so this is 6! hooray!
like i said, maybe i eliminated a color, thus only six! hooray! i can do multiple crayon colours!
i am soooo tired!


Red kinda hurts the eyes. Maybe a blue?

Good idea though. Keep working on it.


I wouldn't use red .... maybe a white chalk like texture as if a kid scribbled it out. I also think it might lay a little better on the shirt if it was smaller.


I agree about the red. I would go black - as if you had a sharpie that is what would work best on cardboard. Also - maybe make the image a bit bigger and the written-on font thinner.


ok so i'm hearing (a resounding) no to the red,
i hear blue, black, and white, black i can see, blue looks kinda weird on brown, white i could maybe see, it'd be kinda weird though


I'm afraid the idea is not that original ... I remember at least 2 T's with a kid flying or riding a cardboard box.


i think it's a good idea even though i know those designs W63Fre is talking about, because the box is one of the strongest tools in kids imaginations and everybody can relate to it. the way i see it it's a different twist to the same toppic and this drawing-style is really cute.
i don't think the red is all that bad, but a different color would do as well. i can picture black really good, but the "refrigerator" and the "box" would be in the same color...something to consider.

if you wanna, leave a comment about my WIP
How it really happened

Skittles 07

swear this shirt would be perfect for my brother. i like it,i also like the first version too


OOH OOOH AWESOME!! I THINK IT'S SOOOO CLOSE to a good sub, but Charity.Ryan's right, you need some other crayon colors, and the crayons laying on th ground. But after that, I think that's it! I could see people buying it.
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the multiple colors i think yes, but @charity.ryan the four different browns are needed, having them separately makes the box look really weird, i could try it without the shadow, and that would pull off another color.
I'm sorry if this idea is "not original" my original idea was to have like a wooden block, like the kind that kids play with, and instead of a time machine, race car, etc, it was like, power ranger, jet plane, etc
i decided this was better, v.1 is really my original idea
i decided this got the point across in a cuter way


so here i made the writing in liek a sharpie, if you guys think a crayon would look better say so, and what color, i agree that the red was kinda hard on the eyes, i dunno if blue would be okay though

also i added a little dino foot print also my intended tee color

tell me whatcha think!
also thanks to everyone who's been so helpful


also, i think it needs the shadow back


Loves it, so funny and cute!! Maybe add a bit more color?


I like the idea of a time machine, however, I think a "box racer" might be even more interesting, but since you are well into the development, I don't expect you to change the idea.

However, adding a few racer ideas to the time machine may work---maybe it's a time machine car like in back to the future? Some drawn on wheels, a drawn on steering wheel on the right short flap, etc.


i like the idea of adding on wheels and stuff, but maybe better than a steering wheel draw on like a flux capacitor...


put on flame decals, they'll make it go faster


how man colors is it right now?


five or six colors right now i need to check, it should be five. and no, no flame decals


i added a flux capacitor, brought the shadow back, that's all....

agrimony profile pic Alumni

i cant think of anything else to add at the moment.

but i love the dino footprint next to it ^^


oh so, friends suggested having electrical arcs like around the thing, but i'm thinking that would take away from the more immediate mundaneness of it, and that the dino track should be what really tells you it's for real


fun idea! i used to play with refrigerator boxes all the time as a kid. i would play with the refrigerator box font some. i get that you're going for a basic boring looking font but i don't think boxes typically use arial or whatever that is. plus the box looks used and worn so i'd make sure the font matches the style of the box.


it's helvetica, but that's not the point, i see what you're saying, so like, make it look kinda worn? or are you saying use a different typeface altogether?


Thanks for looking at my design! This is really fun..Flux Capacitor - YES! Could you explain the dinosaur foot print? Very well done!!! Great on cream too. I think it would also look nice on brown.

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