Time for bed

This is a design i am thinking about entering in the childhood theme design contest. All thoughts welcome!

Watch this

This is a design i am thinking about entering in the childhood theme design contest. All thoughts welcome!


Also my mom says that the two towers on the the sides of he fort makes it look like boobs if a girl was wearing this shirt. I don't think s but i am a guy, comments welcome on this topic too.


love it, it screams childhood, and those don't look like boobs hA HA...


I love the idea, but I'm not sure if the text is necessary. Maybe give it a different title and just leave out the text. It is pretty perfect for the childhood theme.


no, the towers don't look like boobs. I like the design:)


Nah, don't see boobs. Not sure about the text; right now it needs it, but perhaps you can find a way to adjust the image so that it conveys the exact same thing.
Thoughts for me?


I agree with Berbs; the image should say what the text now does. Maybe you should actually show the parent who's saying "time for bed" looking around all puzzled?


Agree with the 'show don't tell' comments. Love the design overall. Shirt might be too dark.


I have no idea what size/shape boobs would fit that... at all... but anyways, this is cute as hell. But I think the concept shouldn't need the text. I agree.
Party Foul! $5 Penalty!


It's a great idea have to agree with the comments about the text, and perhaps the fort coulbe a little less simetric n bit more chaotic after all a little boy did it

Ricki Jane

Very cute idea, I like it! I would just watch the 3-D a bit. The door looks a bit flat (you may want to add thickness to it a bit), the rug looks very shape-toolish (you may want to start with concentric circles, then skew it so the ends won't look wrong), and I'm not sure what the pillars are supposed to be. I hope this is useful, I really love this design! I'm looking forward to your next version.

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