Connect the dots

  • by JaroslavB
  • posted Jul 30, 2009


Watch this

i'd buy it on a colorful shirt.

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neato, it would work better on a creme or natural color though?


ha! my comment didn't make it: when i was a kid they used to force us to do these 'connect the dots' drawings and i always got bored doing them. So, i usually added some extra lines outside the drawing to ruin it (that's what the teacher said) - in my eyes i was actually improving of my favourite 'improving action' was adding rain under umbrellas, which is not really place where you would expect it...

ad the tee color - i tried several colors, but it just didn't look real; and i think the uv ink gets the best contrast on white


ohh, I thought it was going to be a mushroom, boy was I wrong.

Neat idea for sure! And yeah, something not white, because it looks much better on the texture background you used.


oops, didn't read your response first. I'll take your word for it that other colors looked weird.


Yeah! Clever and sweet!


love this!


would be cool if lines could appear in ultra violet light or something more clever ;)


alisiayeye on Aug 06 '09 would be cool if lines could appear in ultra violet light or something more clever ;)

UV ink is the whole point of this design...or maybe you're just taking the piss and didn't get it ;)


pfff! there was supposed to be: I didn't get it ;)

lawrence loh
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great used on glow effect!


Just thought I'd point out the fact that the white would glow really brightly under UV anyway. At least that's what I always find with white clothing in clubs. So I'm not sure if your UV lines would "pop out" enough.

Maybe "glow in the dark" would be better?

Nice idea anyway.


hi guys,
you're mixing two different things up:
This is UV ink, that becomes visible in direct sunlight (it's the opposite of glowing colors).
Anyway, thanks for the comments!

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