How do you purchase and send STP's to another Threadless member?

Was under the understanding that I could purchase STP's when buying a new shirt and send them to another Threadless member. Just tried to buy DBV11 new slogan shirt but saw no opportunity to send STP's - I owe Jacknappes $18. I saw something re. Gift Certificates but the lowest amount was $25 and it requires me to have his E-mail address. Can anyone help?

Watch this

Thanks Jebs - I don't quite understand though. Does this mean I will have to make nine orders before I pay Jacknapes the entire $18?

I understand what you mean about pasting the link but not sure I know what you mean by my browser?


I wrote that before you made you other posts but delayed sending it because my 3 yr old was playing up. :) Thanks Jebs


No - you are. I should be able to follow that. The proof of the pudding will be in the eating. If not look out for another bleating help me blog.

It's been so long since I had STP's I had forgotten how much they are worth.


Thankyou Guys - you're stars .


No need to cry and shout jebs, I was with yers at trolley :). I think I succeeded in giving Jacknapes STP's so Yah! thanks for your help.

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I didn't know we could put things in a trolley here. All I have is that dumb cart ;(

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[+duracell-] on Jul 29 '09 at 8:56am
Protip: do not make a user name that uses brackets or symbols

if you do you'll end up with
and confuse the hell out of everyone and not ever get stps

you think the brackets are the reason nobody STPs you?



it made me laugh too, jebs.

remember to always open a new window and paste the link to stp someone! you can paste javascript:alert(document.cookie); into the window after you think you stp'd someone to check.


Jellyes I won stps before and the guy was unable to send them correctly...or so he claimed.


Yeay i finally got some stps!
Someone must have felt bad for me or it was a strange coincidence. Anyway thank you mystery person!


I smell Jebbie @ work there. Congrats Chad!


I think james (Jellyes) posted a blog earlier...I think he stped you.

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