Has it really come to this?

i've been thinking of trying one of those online dating sites. is that sad and pathetic??
(only post if your answer is no)

Watch this

yup. what's your sign? come here often??

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you might meet Mr Right, but then again you might Mr Wrong, or even Mr Verywrong.

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Dating sites = Bad idea. Just go out and shake it somewhere. Most guys are desperate, you'll pull easily.


i' ve got a buddy who was thinking of doing the same thing, it might make it easier but who knows, waiting does suck for the right person.


Tonteau - but i don't want a desperate guy! i suppose tho if they're doing online dating that kinda makes them desperate...

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My mom actually found her new boyfriend through a dating site. He's a cool guy and they're very happy.

i carnt spel

I'm afraid that for some people there is no ulturnative

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"ekaj47, at 5:13pm on May 30, 2006
i' ve got a buddy who was thinking of doing the same thing, it might make it easier but who knows, waiting does suck for the right person."

There you go!! Advertise on threadless and you've already found your first match.


hey carnt spel, aren't you supposed to be here by now?

i carnt spel

I will update my travel log this morning, If i had my time again i think i would have hitched a flight:)... but i'm thinking about turning around, seems you've moved on... sniffel, sniffel:(

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You're only 21, you arent quite to the "I need to try online dating" stage.


just let me know and i'll set you two up - i can see the horrible outcome now, oh sure it starts out fun, drinking going out having a good time getting to know one another - all of a sudden you hate eachother

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Why do that when I'm right here?


I met my boyfriend through an online dating site and we've been together for over a year, so I would recommend online dating. It makes sense when you think about it... do you have a better chance of meeting a cool person who has stuff in common with you at a bar, or online where people have profiles?


Also, it lets you screen out those who can't spell. :P


you may as well date your 40 year old neighbor, you know, the one who smells like cattle?

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You seem like a very nice, caring and interesting person Amy. You will find someone pronto. :)

Man... If I was anywhere near canada I would give you a call...
So don't hessitate, maybe you'll meet some interesting guy in your new condo.

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you own a condo?

hard out, nice site, I know some guys over here who might be worth chatting up, hey move to NZ, nice here! :)


but seriously.

My friend met some guy who's from virginia, they've been going out for a while. She met him online. So I guess it's okay, as long as like, the person is valid, and doesn't have skeletons. who knows, you might find someone who's dating online for the same reason you are.


no, can you tell me what site youre going to try and your profile on there!? so i can totally make up everything when i make my own profile! ill be the man of your dreaaaams!


a better idea would be to do something you're really into... and maybe meet someone who can do that with you. Much better use of time and much more authentic base of a relationship

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don't do it, just go out more if you can... do u ever try just going up to a guy and chatting to him? you've got nothing to lose... ppl make up BS about themselves on those sites, they tend to revere themselves. at least if you go up to a guy you will find out immediately whether or not he is a twat... but most guys are anyway.. most ppl are

just don't put all your eggs (?) in one basket, maybe give it a shot, but also try to meet ppl in bars, etc...

stabilo boss

hi my names stabilo and i'm a leo.
i like walks in the park, rainy nights and picnics under the moonlight.

wanna kiss me?


haha you guys are awesome

thx for the advice ;)


Defiantly not.
Sometimes the places we live in just suck.
Its a good idea to get out there and see what people are like in other places.
Just make sure you try and get to know the person as well as you can before meeting them, to try and avoid the badness.


I think the answer kind of depends on what site you use for online dating. The ones I keep seeing ads for with chicks wearing trashy clothes are probably not a good choice. But some sites have personality surveys and stuff like that, and actually make an effort to hook you up with someone you're compatible with. That makes a little more sense. I still think the old fashioned way is best, but doing it online isn't pathetic by any means

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some people are just really busy and dont have time to fuck around meeting morons in pubs and clubs, and sometimes its just hard to meet people through friends.

Go for it, it's legitimate.


you really have trouble finding guys? you're a looker, so maybe do you semll real bad? i know i don't like bad smells.

..... on a more serious note, i say give it a try and see if anything turns up. there's no harm in giving it a shot

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being a looker isnt enough, im sure she can get a ton of fucking wankers hitting on her, but she probably wants better than that


haha, agreed

and i'm glad you actually understood what i meant when i said "a looker"

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It always seems to end up crappy.

Then again, so does real life.

Uhh. I got nothin'.


hehe wow... thanks guys...i think

i don't think i'd actually do it, it was more a thought out of boredom ;)

but i <3 reading the totally cynical views vs. the overly optomistic ones ;)

i carnt spel

i need back up in a neighbouring blog!!!


i don't know if it's the best of ideas. i get a lot of spam in my email inbox cause of it, and that's never a good sign. haha.
oh and it's cool that you're christian too. :)


it's not pathetic. these days, for some people, it's just more efficient.


yay another christian :) i was starting to feel a lil alone! lol

and nooooo i don't smell bad... i don't think... sniff sniff.....

ohhhhh that's why they keep running away


yup, see, it's always the stink that does it

hehe, sorry.. g'luck with whatever you end up doing. i like to believe there is at least one non-asshole out there for everybody. heck, with 6.7billion people, the odds just have to work out in your favor!


who cares? just do what you want.


Just hit me up...


Speed dating is supposed to be the new thing.


tesco, at 5:10pm on May 30, 2006
you might meet Mr Right, but then again you might Mr Wrong, or even Mr Verywrong.

Or Mr. Wong ... aka Nate. :)

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