Out of interest I've just gone through my Threadless orders. 112 shirts in two years.


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Not all of them were for me, some were for friends and my kids but yeah.alot of money. I have really slowed down recently partly because I'm from the U.K and the £ is no longer strong against the $.


I've bought 24 in the last 6 months (a little under 6 months before)


That's pretty good going. All for you?

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Dude, I would be so horrified at my Threadless addiction for both myself and everyone who is connected to me be it friends or family, if i posted my stats you would feel a WHOLE lot better about your purchases man.


I'm at about 12 shirts in nearly three years.


I happen to not keep my order emails then I don't have my order number, then i can't submit pics for half of my damn shirts!

That is annoying. I have some of my early orders missing as well.

you have only photographed a third of your collection which we could easily do to get a lot more STP-bought free tees!

Haha FA - why doesn't it suprise me that you have more than 112 shirts to your name. Re. Photos - yeah I got bored - quite a laborious process. Must do some more though, silly not to.

Cash Cow.
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I've spent $330.98 on 20 shirts, 1 hoodie, and 1 issue of faesthetic in 2 years


blossom - is that because ou've only seen 12 shirts you've wanted or is it a cash flow situation?


Well, it's not as if I'm completely skint or anything--I've seen a good load of shirts I've liked but never really bothered to buy them. Plus, I suppose I have a pretty decent amount of clothes already, so the somewhat utilitarian purpose of buying clothes is at zero right now.


112.... holy moly.... but of the ones in your photos you certainly have a doctorate in shirt selection! =)

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I have spent like $600 in the last few months, and i love them all.

BTW why is Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic. Burn The Witch. not on a shirt?


I have spent like $600 in the last few months, and i love them all.

That's pretty good going - 30 shirts in less than a year. I've slowed right down mainly because of the strength of the £ against the $ now and us Brits get hammered all the time with custom charges but I still buy enough to keep me respectably clothed.

Thank you both for the slogan love. I keep slogging away at it but nada. Still I do it for the joy of it rather than anything else which is the best reason to do anything I figure. Will check both of your slogans after typing this - Cheers!


Clurey - you need to get your slogan cap on so we can start voting.

Ivan - Some great stuff - voted a whole bunch but your last one was my favourite :

Missing the point is not a bad thing if there's a knife involved

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I'm not sure how much I've spent. I used to order with my Dad's account before I could use my own, so it would take some searching. I've won or bought a lot of my shirts with credit, so I have hadn't to spend too much cash. I'm close to 40 shirts or so.

You will get a print, Spam. You, courtney pie, and nathanwpyle will be printed at some point, hopefully multiple times.


I'm close to 40 shirts or so.

Do they all hang in your closet or do you have a buy one throw one policy? I went through a load of mine recently ( including my favourite Rocket Bird sniff ) and sent them to a guy in Bosnia just because they were too worn or just didn't fit me any more. I'm now a large rather than a medium. I would to say that's because I've been bench pressing but I can't.

Also thanks for the kind words Josh.


would like to say

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They fit in the closet, for now, but space is becoming an issue, but I have some ideas. I'd like to have as many as possible before I start giving them away. :P


Yeah, you get to that point where you just can't fit any more in. I've become so sad since I've joined Threadless. All my Tees are colour coded ( Yellow next to Yellow and so on ) and it takes me ages to choose which one I'm going to wear. I take longer to get ready now than my wife.

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