I hate to break it to you Threadless, but once again you've printed a stolen design. This shirt is based on a popular internet video by Charlie Schmidt.
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He owns the intelectual property rights to Cool Cat. He also sells Cool Cat tshirts on his Zazzle site.
See HIS shirts

Charlie Schmidt is one of the finest performance artists of our generation and it's rather sad that Threadless would print this and not give him a good chunk of the profits considering they are making money off his idea and images of his cat.

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haha I thought this blog was a joke, but you do kinda have a point. If the intellectual property encompasses the keyboard cat and/or any variation of it, he might have a claim to some of the money threadless is/will make from it.

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but again, it could be they got permission

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I doubt they had time to, however, Threadless could take the approach that it is just a parody. Since it isn't called "3 cool cat moon"

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the star wars ones were just parodies also though but i guess the amount of money you have makes all the difference

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Somebody's gonna make a video of Keyboard cat playing off Threadless.


I was kind of wondering about this when I saw the design. But this has been such a huge phenomenon, you'd think the guy in charge of Keyboard Cat would be aware of it and would have contacted Threadless by now. Or he has and they've reached an agreement of some kind with him.


On second thought, have I just been had by someone's fake account?


In the unlikely event that this isn't a lame troll, threadless just created a parody of two internet memes, they didn't steal any designs. Also, that guys keyboard cat shirts suck.


I'm thinking that Threadless probably thought of that before printing the shirt....

Smidgen Pigeon

I'm sure he knows that since the shirt was featured on so I don't see wht you (blog writer) got all worked up over. I'm sure everyone has been cited and an agreement was reached.


To be fully honest, I remain unconvinced this is a "parody". It's more a "mash-up," and those are always questionably legal at best to start with.


And yes, I say that fully realizing a guy named "mr genious" made this thread as a joke. I just think that Parody goes a lot deeper than 3KCM does.

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tymn on Jul 25 '09 at 4:26pm
Somebody's gonna make a video of Keyboard cat playing off Threadless.

realol for some reason

Bio-bot 9000
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This shirt is based on a popular internet video by Charlie Schmidt.

No shit.

p.s. For all his talent, Charlie Schmidts' t-shirts on Zazzle are crap.


eh...if anything this would actually spread his fame...or the cat's

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someone needs to post a video of a cat playing a keyboard wearing 3KCM. That would be funny.


are not as cool as this one

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ummm yeah thinking about it, oxen did take the image exactly as is, even in the darkside of the garden it barely shows darth vader, but it was taken off cause it was an issue, I dont get how this one having 100% rendered form the video art would not? specially since the guy is selling shirts etc as well. if it gets taken down eitherway to wear in the future when noone knows what the hell it means, and its cooler cause it will be more random IMO


actually, i think the shirt would fall under the category of being a pardoy to the video... as the idea of the shirt is, in fact, original, and therefore probably falls under freedom of speech/expression


i think some of you folks here do not understand sarcasm.


"Oxen would like to thank the Mountain Men, Fatso and Charlie Schmidt, Brad O'Farrell, threadless, and all of the people scoring, commenting, and buying, for being part of this mad, mad group project with us."

Sounds like the designer of the t-shirt had some contact with Mr. Schmidt.


Pretty sure Shawn Harris would've gotten permission if this isn't a parody.


dont all cats of a certain breed kinda look the same?
im just sayin


there are tons of cats that play keyboards


yeah but his shirts suck


Quick send mine before this gets anywhere!!! D:

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