Should I update and resub this?

It got a pretty high score. Should I add the comment box suggested in the comments?

"But Agnes, we have so much in common!"

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jpiatt profile pic Alumni

I don't know...
wow, I'm surprised it scored that high honestly.
Not to be a complete dick. it's kind of funny, but...not like hilarious.
Resubs rarely do better anyway.

jublin profile pic Alumni

resubs are off the hook!
that's how i got my first print!

but i would do more than just add more text. i would redraw it if i were you.

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

oh did jubs. Ok. Nevermind! :)
SHIT YEAH! Resub this!

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

you got a 2.9 and a shitload of comments. Theres a chance to change things if they approach you to get it printed, but theres no way it's worth a resub.

If anything people will just vote you down for it.

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

wait a second....
Have you contacted them about getting the rights to it back or something? I wasn't submitted THAT long ago. There was something printed from January just a few weeks ago.
Who's to say that this won't still print?


nah i didn't contact them. yeah maybe i will redraw it and resub on a different color. i still want to go for that childish look though


any other thoughts? sorry if it pisses off all you haters out there

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

no... print it yourself cough


change the colors around, and work on other details.


k, i may have come up with another idea just now from this

Big Ed

I know it's been ages but I still wish you would resub this. Most people may have forgotten about it by now. Maybe if you try different colors (I think they're fine but a lot of people seemed to complain) or just redraw it. This is the most fabulous potential threadless design ever. Please don't hang it up.

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