Yea, Though I Walk Through the Valley of the Dollar

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Abbie Me

Very nice! But what's with the bunny?


beautiful art.

i wish it wasn't so boxy.

this would be a good print. i would hang it up.


It looks like you just pasted it on there and that saddens me because it has the potential to look nice. That and its too boxy.


crazy artwork but doesnt look so good on the tee


Hi everyone. Thanks for looking.

This is a funny little illustration I did to describe how it feels to be an artist in this century. If you are an artist for a living, I think you will most likely get it.

Also, it's based on a recurring dream that I have where everything seems to be etched, worn and painted in the tones of a dollar

I scanned in a dollar and made everything from a single dollar bill.


As for the design, yes, I am very aware that nearly every shirt on Threadless conforms to a vignette composition. I get that and it makes sense, but there can also be room for something different and I'm pretty sure the color limit would stop me from being able to fade out the edges (they are not halftone).

I already broke the rules against fencing out the viewer of the image with the gate in front (which is even locked!) and I really wanted to keep the effect that the landscape is barred and locked...blah...blah.


The rabbit is made from George Washington's hair and eyes. In my dream it was shaking arrows at me. So, your guess is as good as mine. But, it makes me laugh a little, and the space without it is unnerving.

There are 5 things alive in the scene that are not flora. Can you find them all??

mantasong profile pic Alumni

Cool idea. I like how you made the outer edges of the design look like a wrinkled dollar bill, and the trees are lovely! $5


I can only find four. :( I love this design--on the shirt or anywhere. 5$


I found all five!


nice work

littleclyde profile pic Alumni

doesn't really work for me either as a shirt, but the art is gorgeous and I find myself staring at it for a really long time. Thematically, I think it'd be great for the new art contest.


Looks like that eye won't see my approval


Oh...Like Sauron or something? I get it.


Not very appealing as a shirt, but an excellent piece of art nonetheless.


Wow. I know this will sound defensive but I'm merely observing. I'm amazed at the "pile-on" effect of the critique here. I've noticed that the first three lurking site watchers will throw out an obvious comment and 80% of the rest will follow with the same "thought." It's not just this page, look for it on others and you too can feel amazed ;)

The thing is, most of my favorite shirts ever were my favorite art or my favorite band displayed within a square or rectangle...

Here are some more squares or rectangles that you might already enjoy: Television...The monitor that is your window to this webpage...Every sheet of paper that you sketch on...99% of every frame of reference that is commissioned by paying clients...books...comic books...most ALL of the artwork on your walls and museums.

Rectangles, you shape nazis! can pretend they don't exist, but you can't hide for long they will find your eyes and square your soul.


too boxy. Sorry it's just my opinion, you don't have to agree. I think some of us are just trying to say that we love your style but not a lot of t-s get printed with a big-ol box smack in the center

Lucretia Mott

Maybe most people are noticing it's too boxy because it's plainly obvious this design is too boxy. You're an artist, you should recognize that sometimes the design has to be tweaked to fit with the medium; in this case the medium is a teeshirt. Your design does not suit a tee shirt. Don't cry about it; fix it.


5 Just because the artwork isn't as lame as half the crap on this site.

This imagery is actually illustrative, giving a shirt some sort of meaning beyond it's simple function of covering your nipples for a few hours.

Most of the stuff I've seen on here is like some idiot sat there, threw darts at nouns, then made a simple 4 color Illustrator file out of it.
Like: Camel, iPod, Monitor... PERFECT! I'll make a camel with a kid with an iPod and a Monitor in it!
Or: Shoe, Crab, Sign. PERFECT! I'll make a crab living in a shoe that says "home sweet home"!

Yes I did see both of those examples on this site. They were both well done, but stupid in a "I'm going to be though provoking through randomness" sort of way.


Shape nazis, indeed! Rectangles just doesn't look right on a form-fitting T-shirt. In my opinion. Rectangles are nice shapes, but they can be...distracting...when imposed over a shape without sides.
One way to keep the rectangle form without it detracting from the art's impact on the viewer is to obscure the corners and edges with swirls like you used for the eagles tail. That way the contrast won't be so sharp, and you'll still be keeping with the theme. Interesting about the gate...but the murky misty skies doesn't have to be so enclosed. (Which gives me a thought, the swirls would make quite a good tree canopy.) That is, if you could make changes at this stage. (I don't know yet, I'm new here.)
The silvery dollar bill 'effect' is very surreal. Dreamlike, as you said. The rodent-fellow is both random and inexplicable. In short, I like it.


I have a sister image in mind and I shall remember all of the prejudice against images within a frame of reference.

"blesh" awesome and ROFL x 10!


Wow, that is a kickass illustration! But I'm afraid it sorta loses momentum on the shirt. The little details are lost on the canvas of the t-shirt and would be overlooked, in my opinion.


Well, it is a box, a big old box. You have confined your imagination to a box. Love the winged George Washington in a pink shirt. Washington, Washington he saves the children but not the British boxing children. A box I say, a box I see it was just like a box to me, one moment free and then confined.


Actually, I thought this design was a sort of reference to the current state of the economy. I love how I can just sit and contemplate the elements. It feels very intellectual. Blesh is right, I think! However, I also think putting ~this~ particular design on a measley t-shirt wouldn't do it justice. It's a design with which an audience should take their time.
But for the record, I'd buy this shirt...and a print, too! Then I'd stare at them both for a long time.


Thanks very much for that comment. I create illustrations for people exactly like yourself. People who still take a moment to look at the imagery, stop and smell the flowers - so to speak.

I'd say about 38 hours of my life (not counting the contemplative time) went into that piece, which is why my feathers were a bit ruffled that my critics knee-jerk dismissal has more to do with my traditional use of a frame and less to do with the artwork.

Oh well, since it probably won't make it on a t-shirt I'll still have full rights and I'll find a home for it eventually. It actually might fit into my version of "Alice In Wonderland" since it's based on a dream.

littleclyde profile pic Alumni

I think if you look at all your comments again, most of us are pretty damn impressed by the artwork itself. It just takes some time to figure out what works on a shirt and what doesn't. And for me as well as for quite a few others, this doesn't. That stripe on the bottom of the shirt isn't doing the design any favors either. This isn't to say that you couldn't still frame the image in some other way and have it work. But despite the awkward placement, the fact that so many of us have commented very positively on the art itself, shows that we are actually looking at the artwork. But we're also thinking about how it looks on a tee, not a piece of paper or a television or a museum canvas. No need to get so defensive - again, the design is really cool. Just find a way to make it work with this medium.

GRANDR profile pic Alumni

Nice illustration!


I love it exactly where it is. I'd where it. With the box and border. Unique like me. I've never seen anything like this, and to be honest, people don't like things out of the ordinary but I understand how some might not want to wear it due to the box. Good on you for sticking to your guns. 5

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to keep from repeating other comments which basically say the art is sick but how it is placed on the shirt is less than desired, i have a suggestion..

perhaps scan in more denominations (as many as you can!) and work the concept a bit more so that the design turns into an all over, or is at the least more appealing to be placed on the shirt? you can even still keep in a rectangle, but turn the framing the other way so to speak so that its a vertical rectangle.. and then enlarge it so its a big print so more details can be seen (as this is a very detailed design). you could also do it as a one colour belt print, but the artwork would have to be adjusted so it would look as though it was drawn the same way that the bills are etched - really tight linework as a means for shading rather than large swaths of different colours for shading.

even if yo lose the rectangle completely it will still have the same effect in my opinion, if not it might even be better. it would be less obvious, but when you look at the whole piece and see that it is drawn in the style of US dollars the concept is very powerful.

also, i would either lose the gate or redraw it in a style that fits in more with the bill.

by the way, this is by no means a stab at your artwork, it is constructive criticism that as an artist you will have to deal with time to time (or all the time?). I have worked over 40 hours on a piece, had it fail twice here, and then i moved it to another site similar to this and its still doing bad after massive re-edits and good comments in the forums of that site about it. sometimes, no matter how hard you work on something it just doesnt work as is. or occasionally, as in my case, at all. i still feel though that this piece and this concept has massive amounts of potential if formatted better for a shirt.


Thanks, all. I have much more of a "callous" built up than it seems here. I deal with edits and knocks on jobs every other day.

I actually enjoy the back and forth. If one is not willing to defend what they create then...?

The only thing that truly frustrates me is that I am 99% illustrator and 1% designer.

I got hit by a bunch of ideas that may or may not lend themselves well to shirts so get ready to "let me have it" again soon.


Man, that would be sweet to pursue finishing work like this. I would love to be independantly wealthy - just enough to be able to do more art that I want to do. Ahhh...the catch 22's of life.


'Would be cool to do a gallery show of different bills and charge accordingly per bill denomination.


But I've had about as much luck with gallery showings as I've had on threadless so far.


Don't listen to the nonsense...

It's beautiful. Great work, lovely concept. Might be nice to have something a little differently "too square for a tee..." instead of the same old things that seem to be creeping up.

Cut! Print!!


very intriguing concept.

i'd go with a darker shirt color to offset the artwork.


I think it would look amazing on a shirt. Great idea and design. Keep voting people!


wow very dreamy drawing..great artwork..

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