After We Read Them

Nothing better than an old yellowed used book...

Let me know what you think!

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Tree Fingers

Nothing better than an old yellowed used book...

Let me know what you think!

Blind Pixel

that's a pretty good idea & design.
What did you use for the illustration?

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Nicer in blue, i like the mixing of a book spread open with a bird spreading its wings. Maybe a bit of small text in the books around the birds or using the text to form the shape of the birds would sell this concept even more, but nice work nonetheless.

Heavenward Bound

Really like this, also like the pared down simplicity of it!


I'd like it on red or black please :)


I personally like the green on sand (is that an option? lol) or the yellow. I agree with frickinawesome on maybe adding some text. Nevertheless, very creative way to show pre-loved!


really like it...especially the blue


Like the concept of birds and books taking flight great design


Cool illustration!

Tree Fingers

Thanks everyone for the comments!


i like it on the blue or yellow...the brown is a little too dark.

nice design.

Venetian Carnival

Really nice idea.
I think the blue would be better, as the yellow and brown look a bit insipid.


i like the close up view for a full shirt design. really like the blue.


reminds me of the old saying, "As soon as high school is over, you'll forgot all that stuff." Probably not your intention, but with the title and the knowledge of the books flying away, thats what came to mind. heh.

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