• by jrmasm
  • posted Jul 14, 2009

I don't know if I can explain it. Wanted to draw a old style water gun and it kind of went from there. So now,where can it go?

Any suggestions?

Thanks much.

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jrmasm profile pic Alumni

I don't know if I can explain it. Wanted to draw a old style water gun and it kind of went from there. So now,where can it go?

Any suggestions?

Thanks much.

Typhoon Samurai

Amazing splatter use. If print on the sleeve is allowed have the water flowing onto it.
help me out

hisartwork profile pic Alumni

this is super sweet!!.. but i would love too see a more over dramatic styled water gun.... similar to the style of the water... right now it seems a bit out of place and static...

also place on real tee so we can get a feel for it! :)

When you get the chance, help me out! :)
Pessimus Prime


i like the illo. no doubt there, but it lacks the umph as a tee..perhaps i'd change my view after seeing the progress :)

Malcolm Man

The gun and water are rendered very nicely.


hi, absolutely cool illustration! just one thing i don't quite get it: why a green gun? i am thinking maybe the gun can be a same style drawing as the water? or is that a bit boring?...
i will be very appreciated if you can also comment on mine:

digsy profile pic Alumni

agree with the other - the clash between the gun style and the water style is just a little too strong at the moment.
i would also consider angling it up a little bit more some it covers more of the shirt vertically - you might be able to make it slightly bigger then to make the bun a bit clearer - at the moment it does get overwhelmed by the water although again, that could just have to do with the style.
it's a really sweet idea though and the water looks great.

i could do with some comments on my pot and kettle if you would be so kind, thanks

jrmasm profile pic Alumni

Simplified it and played with the colors.


randyotter3000 profile pic Alumni

i would like to see some of that green like streaked a bit down the barrel like it was blown back when it fired if that makes sense


Whoa.... Such a contrast of objects here. The playful flow of the substance coming out of the barrel vs the destructive nature of the Gun. Haha I like it. Maybe a different position and/or size on the shirt should be played around with.

Wow thats a pretty freaking design of a negative. Almost ghostly. Im def interested in seeing the colored one as well. I think this could easily become a printed shirt.

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A Titan's Gift


Hi. beutiful disegn, but this gun looks like a real gun and not like a water gun. The colors of the gun in V1 are great!


Oh sorry about that second comment/paragraph I accidentally copy pasted it with my "Pre-Love" design promotion.

Anyway I hope you support my design. Thank you

jrmasm profile pic Alumni

Thanks for all the suggestions!

I totally agree with the coloring of the gun, so I fixed that.
I tried a bunch of different placement options, but this is the one that felt right to me, if you all (well those of you who actually look) disagree I'll try something else.

Any other thoughts?

Ars Fera

O crap this is beautiful!
Sorry if this is a noob thing.. but how did you get the color splatter effects? Is it a tool in whatever program you're using?
The only thing I would change right now is that little blue drop to the left, it seems sort of out of place. But that is probably just me being picky.. so ignore this if that is the case.
Ready for subbing I would say. This is pretty much a million different kind of awesomes.


This is really beautiful, I love the colors. Looking at your other versions, I think I like the gun better in the last version. Maybe with a little more color added but not completely filling it in. I don't like the blue/green as much. Still lovely either way though.

I'd love it if you could vote on my design!


wow. this is definitely ready for a sub. it now has more contrast and story than V1 :)


wow, this one has been improved a lot! I like the color, the replacement is good. There is one thing that I am thinking: the gun and the water, which one is supposed to be more focused on?Maybe the gun can be a little bit smaller...? hmm...
I have browsed your blog, interesting ! I am very new on Threadless, thank you for your comments on mine.


Wow, this is awesome! I say submit!

jrmasm profile pic Alumni

still playing with the colors...
Any suggestions?

jrmasm profile pic Alumni

New placement and still playing with the colors.
Any suggestions? I really do appreciated them.

Oh and did you hear there was some cat shirt printed today? Also Michael Jackson died.

Ivantobealone profile pic Alumni

I like both placements, but slightly prefer the previous version. Colors are great!


Wow this looks really nice, I love the colors, great Illo tho
I like both placements a lot (what about adding some badass special inks here?)

please check out my critique



the colors are AWESOME!!! I love the colors-amazing!!!
Maybe add some more background paint splatters behind the water gun?

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ilya yas

i think theres a problem with putting the gun aimed down..
kind of creates negative flow...if u know what i mean.. :)

i think u should place it left bottom, aim it up and keep the
lovely fish splashes.. :)
the colors are really fresh and neat!

ilya yas

negative flow = the gun being drained instead of it shooting
water by force..

jrmasm profile pic Alumni

Simplified blue version anyone?

ilya yas

liked all the colors on it... :) keep them!

Dr Worm

really cool but Keep some of that Splatter stuff!

a wild thing
a wild thing profile pic Alumni

love this idea so much! i like the precious version with the light green color on the white better. amazing work!

could you take a look at mine? minty fresh

Whispering Hand

Nothing short of amazing! I hope I can buy this very soon.


wow, this one is still on critique? it looks amazing now. You really want to give up the spatter stuff on the background?

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