This is my design. It is called "Tweet." (Caution, it does tweet audibly when you click that.) "Tweet" needs more comments and more people scoring it. So I have come to you, the fine people of Threadless blogland in hopes of finding someone(s) who will aid me on my quest for a print. I think this is an awesome design, and I've heard from others who think so too. So if you are of that general persuasion as well, I think you should stop reading this blog, turn your volume down (but not all the way), click this link, and score my design. If you really truly love it, you could also leave a comment telling me how much you do.

And if you truly love me, you could tweet, facebook, and blog about how great I (and my design) are (am?).

I know I love all you guys, please don't let me down.

P.S. no promises, but if it were to get printed I could totally send a free tee to a random commenter or something, we'll see, but first you guys need to help spread the love.

I hope you guys like Tweet as much as I do.

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