1958 - Forever

Watch this

i appreciate it... but i'm gonna be honest and guess that threadless isn't going to print a shirt memorializing michael jackson.. or anyone else, really, for that matter. at least not this literally.


probably already missed the mad buying rush.

b strangely

why are they kneeing that poor dude in the groin??


i love this tee very wearable 5$!!


Dear god, why?

Also, I seem to be living post-forever.

nonolarson profile pic Alumni

Would be better without the text.


good gosh, you critics, i love this. ha! its a 5 you vultures! hear me? a 5! its awesome and much improved from the other design.


not vultures...realistic
this lacks creativity
and lacks a motive other than the capital one


why is there so much hate for the michael tshirts?
i like it

but maybe if you don't make the thriller guys symetrical?

david somerton

Love MJ shirts, brought the thriller dance shirt a long time ago... but this shirt i feel is lazy, little thought. Agree with the capital making opinion made:-(


Nice colors ..give some tips for my critique


I only hate on Michael shirts if they're about him, rather than the music. The "Beat It" shirt is great, I love that song. The "Thriller" shirt is great, fantastic song. This shirt is about a man that I didn't like personally, and implying that he will live forever, while he clearly died a while ago.

Just like how I would buy a shirt for one of Woody Allen's films, but not for him, because he's a creepy dude. Same with Roman Polanski.


I kinda agree with Uncle Max, the design is great, but don't think It'll get printed.

Cora Robin

I like the design a lot but I don't like the text. Maybe just say "DANCE" instead b/c I know what you mean with the "1958 - Forever" but people have loved dancing forever and I think the shirt would be more universally liked if you changed the wording.

It would also look good on a gray shirt.


Agree with Uncle Max... thank you, someone had to say it!!


i like the concept, and how you mixed the colors...but dear i'm not sure the michael jackson thing is guna cut it.


I think maybe we should stop immortalizing a child molester, but If I were to immortalize him, it would be with this shirt as opposed to the others.


I definitely thought they were kneeing someone in the groin at first glance... should maybe rethink placement.
But I'm also not really a fan of the Micheal Jackson theme to be honest. Other people might appreciate it though.

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