Big Foot Spotting

This is originally a drawing I did for an airbrush assignment and thought it could work as a t-shirt. What does everyone else think? I am open to suggestions and comments :)

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This is originally a drawing I did for an airbrush assignment and thought it could work as a t-shirt. What does everyone else think? I am open to suggestions and comments :)


I think this deinitely works as a shirt. I like it better on the black.

I would be curious to see it on colour. B&W may end up being better but it would still be interesting to see.

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What does everyone think of making the stars, the moon, and the big foot's eyes glow in the dark?

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i think just the moon and the eyes in glow in the dark would be enough. great illustration. Maybe you can utilize halftone on the circular border to fade it out so as to make it seem like a flashlight was used to spot him!

I think you need to refine the moon to bring it to consistency with the rest of your excellent illustration. Keep the simplicity of it tho. Good luck

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Redrew this one in pen and ink because I wasn't happy with the original. I really like how it came out, how about everyone else?

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For me it's ok:) Please rate mine stuff. Cheers


Took a colorful approach this time. I think this is the best version so far. How does everyone else feel about it?


I really like it. You should change the colors, thou.

shirt color don't match any other.

you're just a step away.

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I think I prefer version 1, but I also like this. Maybe try another tee color, like dark, and other colors for the trees.

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I would have to agree with some of you guys. I think I should try a black and white version of a slightly different looking version of #3


I prefer the drawing style of the v2 but with the shape of v1 XDDD. this new version its not to good I think, try to find another tee color.

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So I tried to combine versions 1 and 3 and this is what I came up with. I'm still a beginner in photoshop so please ignore the strange ring around the design. I'm trying to find a way to fade out the edges. Any who what does everyone think?


But oh! I love version 2! Go back to that, do!


What does everyone think of the colors? I'm trying to go for a more sci-fi look. I was also thinking of trying a version using more electric colors like red, black, orange, and green like in 2001 A Space Odyssey.


I don't like it that the trees on the left are (virtually) mirror images of the trees on the right. Nice colours, though.


this is nice:) i really don't like the circle frame though... maybe you can find a away to let the image fade into the tee?


This is very nice. I like the colour and the arrangement of trees, but the moon in the background should relate to the style of the rest of this picture. It kinda looks like you just pasted a moon photo.


i like v2 better, work on that one its look much much better


Ok so I think this might just be the one. I feel the most happy with this version. What does everyone else think?


I love V2 but it needs some work blending it into the Tshirt.


Me agreee! Need more works, dude! I need your comment, too.


Forgot to mention that I want to use glow ink as well.


Falling star is out of place and big foot looks like a big egg :P May i suggest adding a head? :) As a design this version looks best, also maybe tree contour should be more thin so the moon shows out a little more ;) What are you planning to 'glow' exactly?

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Ok so here is an update. I think I would probably make everything white and/or yellow-green glow in the dark.


Yes im liking it... how does it look with a dark green background rather than the lime color you have. (background not the tee design) will help us focus in on your design.


this is very nice! i would lose the glow effect, and just make a white moon, with a glow in the dark printing, this way even in the dark, there will be a bigfoot spoting!

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Here is a close up...if it works.


didn't work, sorry :( I posted a close up here.


Just throwing this out there, but I think it would look cute if it were a solid black shirt in the daytime, and then it glowed in that dark to show off the design. This way you have the viewers spotting it at night.

I love the design, very cool style!


i like this is a great idea

im up for scoring could u please


cool. as soon as i saw it i thought about having big foot blend in with the trees or being almost the same shape as the trees. so when you actually notice it you can claim that you discovered big foot! but that might make this straight foward design too complicated. just a suggestion :)

August Son

This shirt is ready to get made so hard. Submit a thousand times over! I love the overall atmosphere and feel of the shirt. The art is fantastic and is accented beautifully by the background. All the elements of this shirt work together so well. Excellent work.

I posted the 2nd version of my first submission a while ago if you wouldn't mind taking a look:


Great job! This is really cute and a trendy style... but I really loved Vs 2.



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