Wanna be a VIP? Tell us the TEE!

  • by the ThreadStaff
  • posted Jul 09, 2009

We are giving away TWO PAIRS of VIP passes to the Pitchfork Music Fest right here in this very blog! How do you get em? It's as simple as this...

Tell us which Threadless tee you'd wear to the fest and why!

Perhaps it's in tribute to one of the bands playing? Perhaps it's because you just want to show off a cool tee? Perhaps it's a general music festival message? Let us know!

We will pick TWO commenters below that hit both points (what tee? why?) and give each a PAIR OF VIP passes!!! Thanks everyone for commenting! Winners have been contacted!

Good luck!!

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tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

Obviously I would wear "Rock Out With Your Cock Out." That tee is the epitome of rock and/or roll.

No exceptions.


I like bands that don't even exist yet- bc pitchfork has a lot of new indie bands!


The Last F*cking Unicorn - Need I say more?

gumbolimbo profile pic Alumni

I'd wear 'rampage', because it hides stains and mud well (and looks nice while doing so)

band-it profile pic Alumni

i'd wear "AV" so that i could get back/onstage under the guise of being a part of the equipment!

Torakamikaze profile pic Alumni

I'd wear I've Wanted This For So Long, because truth be told, I've been anxiously awaiting this Pitchfork lineup since I was 7.

Okay, that was a lie. The REAL reason I'd wear it would be because it's a great representation of the preparation that'll be involved before the show. You see, I lack stamina, and when it comes to music festivals I need something to really get me going. For a while I was into hard drugs, like Flintstones chewables (they were stale)... but after a recent incident involving a totalled rickshaw and a missing infant, I knew it was time to turn my life around. So that's when I started taping a battery to my face. It was the healthy alternative I needed for that extra boost, without the unfortunate digestive issues that come with expired vitamins. Well... I guess anything that's not supposed to be used as a suppository could cause digestive issues... but I digress.

I guess to put it simply, I would wear I've Wanted This For So Long because damnit, I look awesome in purple. And if people saw me at Pitchfork, they'd probably be like "Dude, nice hue!" and I'd score a ton of high fives.

And I thrive off high fives.


Robots wish they could do the human - because it's a funny tee and there's nothing better than dancing "the human" to awesome music!


Definitely would wear "Bear Market", so I could get the members of Grizzly Bear to sign to sign inside that blue circle, or at least draw me a picture in there. It'd be like an unofficial GB shirt!


I would wear "Mob Musicians". It infuses two ideas which are music and the whole Mob scene- which Chicago is known for. "Mob Musicians" also refers to the Blues Brothers, which coincidentally is filmed in Chicago. It screams, "Chicago is awesome!" The shirt uses a simple yet effective image along with blue and white. It is a standout tee among the rest. I'd be proud of my city and proud of the bands that I listen to!


This feels an awful lot like when those two Australian guys won those Michael Jackson memorial tickets and had to rush to LA overnight to pick them up but didn't make it in time. That would be what happpened to me if I won. Plus I couldn't afford it.


I'd wear The Fantastic Voyage because my heart still belongs to early nineties Coolio.


My obvious choice would have to be The Loch Ness Imposter not only due to my complete adoration of Cephalopoda. But mostly because no matter how popular this shirt becomes it keeps bringing smiles of realization to the strangers I walk by.


Although wearing the typetees selections like I listen to bands that don't even exist yet and I'd rather play records than break them might seem like obvious ideas, I would probably wear Now Thats Dope because the ironic and comedic image involving music is something a lot of the amazing indie bands playing Pitchfork this year portray in their music.


"I wish I were" because pitchforks: Satan as me: pitchfork music festival


id wear my "be cool" tee just because its simple, it looks like magnets from a distance, and i've gotten many compliments for it. if someone needs to chill out, ill point to my tee. if someone is boiling hot, ill point to my tee. it just has so many uses! plus it looks pretty good on me :P


Pulsars and Dying Stars because I wish Joy Division were playing


Lemon Aid - I'll probably need something to drink because of the awesomeness of all the bands!


I would wear "Eating Brains, Throwing Shapes" . Odds are there will be a 'Thriller" tribute and wearing "Eating Brains" would benefit myself and others around me (because I'm a giver) by showing them the proper moves. So I would form the core of a tight collective of Thriller dancers. Dance Break!


Lemon Aid - because this shirt has sold out so many times and so has the music festival. However, I finally got the shirt, so I need to finally go to Pitchfork :)


Rock Out With Your Cock Out- for obvious reasons. ;)


Hot Chicks on Wolves, because who doesn't love hot chicks on wolves...with flame throwers, booze, and raw meat? Seriously.


I would wear "my play tree" because it's music-y and stuff
or i would wear "music box" for the same reason, or if i were there for more than one day i'd wear both!


I would wear "Super Mega Fun" so I could be a constant source of disappoint to those hot, tired, and thirsty music fans who confuse the ice cream truck on my shirt for a real one.


I like bands that don't even exist yet, because it really is the Pitchfork philosophy.


I would most assuredly wear my 'Raise and Rise' Select Series Tee, because it celebrates that enigmatic feeling that is generated in about the middle of a good band's set were all the fans are tuned and and feeling the music hardcore, in a Tee shirt. People will stare at the tee from across the crowd for about five minutes trying to figure out what's going on (as most usually do) and mixed with the magical musical atmosphere, will be whisked away to a magical place where nothing makes sense and everything's free!!


Um, i would wear my 'Today is the Day, Tonight is the Night' shirt because it would be the day, and that night would be the night. and imagine the awesome glowage on that shirt at night time after an amazing day in the awesome chicago sun.


I would wear "Such a Great Height" because I'll be able to see over everyone else just like a giraffe!


I would wear my Communist Party tee because it will be a party for my comrades and me!


I would wear "The Drummer" shirt; because my favorite person in most of my favorite bands are the drummer; this way I'd be able to represent them! ^_^ i


I would definitely rock "The Drummer" because my drumming raccoon brethren don't get enough love.


I would totally wear my foxy shirt. Cause I'd be the foxiest one there if I had free tickets.


I would wear my "Rub Me on Your Butt" shirt on account of me wanting people to rub me on their butt.


"In case of emergency...Breakdance." If all hell breaks out at Pitchfork, you better believe that I'm gong to bust a move.


I'd wear the "Super Mega Fun" shirt because the Pitchfork Music Festival is going to be just that, SUPER MEGA FUN!


"eyes in the dark". there's too much to see with just one pair of eyes. also, it's bold and eye catching and likely to stir up conversation (in the marketing sense)


Definitely the AV shirt.
Hands down.


I would love to wear "I high five strangers", because it would be a blast to walk around the fest and meet new people, and obviously get lots of high fives!


I would go naked and paint Threadless across my chest!


My pick for a shirt? "Lions Are Smarter Than I Am" because it's just plain rock 'n roll without even trying.


I would want to wear "Rub me on your butt!" but it's navy blue and it's so hot at Pitchfork. So prolly my white "SOS" tee instead.


Fork Family! In honor of pitchFORK!


I'd wear "Biggie Was Right," because those indie bands know that being small(ish) is where it's at.


Of The Dead. You never know when the zombies will show up and I would want people to know that I'll save them all.


I would have to go with the "Tiger Geo" shirt. Some people might wonder why I would pick a shirt like this for a music festival, and I those people just don't know. It's a friggin' tiger overlayed on a geomtric pattern; you can't get much cooler than that (except if there was a full moon, and maybe a wolf).

The only thing I wish that the shirt had is a v-neck, only so I can show off my manly chest hair (which is still prominent when I am in a crew neck).

So, in conclusion, tigers + triangles = awesomeness on cloth.


I'd wear Super Mega Fun because P4k is super mega fun! Last year, my girlfriend had her foot in a boot because she'd broken her leg so we didn't quite get the same experience. It was only Sorta Somewhat Fun. Free tickets to this year's fest would make it Super Mega Fun!


I think I'll be wearing "Animals With Eye Patches, Yes!" because it has the ironic, hipstery vibe that I deem perfect for Pitchfork.


I'd also wear Rock Out with Your Cock Out. It is such a great design and funny tee.

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