god damn it ..why do i let myself get talked into looking at friends old crappy broken laptops?


todays entry in people i'm friends with crappy broken computers I said I'd look at for them

asstastic Compaq Presario 2700 (1.13Ghz P3 w/ 512ram )

heavy and ugly ...basically I'd be about to e-cycle the god damn thing even if it worked properly =p

blah blah blah... not sure loose cable (best case) or shot LCD panel or inverter. (outputs ok to external monitor, but LCD is all distorted and cuts out and what have you.)

gah... why the fuck did I say I'd look at this thing?

Watch this

that's a...um....intersting set up


2nd desk in too small office ...not ideal... no

Mya Jamila

M.D. always has "interesting" set ups.

I kid you not.


man I forgot what a pain in the ass these older compaq laptops are...fuck can't try to reseat the ribbon cable for the LCD without pulling the whole frigging LCD panel assembly



yeah I have these problems all the time


oh i was just being tired and grumpy =p

you can totally unplugged the ribbon cable without taking the display off entirely

ah crap I thought that fixed it (removing blow connector out with compressed air .....but no video distortion just returned as I was typing this..


hmmm it isn't as bad however???

hmmm........gah fine one more time with the reseating I guess.

Malcolm Man

oh the wonderful world of working for friends :p

Stay away from that shit like it's lava!!!!


hmmm... well it has been on and outputting to the LCD correctly for like 5 minutes now after ...oh never mind...god damn it there it goes again

meh.. alright then I'm just going to tell them they should junk it or if they absolutely must start search ebay for a replacment top-half / lcd panel then I will give the the Field repair guide pdf I found on google and tell them to have FUN

cause I'm not really feeling this =p


anything short of a free fix doesn't seem like it is at all worth it

they should sell it for parts to some dumbass... dumb enough to be looking to fix one of these things.


I don't understand why someone would feel the need to hold on to an old relic like that!


yeah.. well in fairness they are kinda broke and all

so I'm sort of bummed to tell them they should really just junk it or buy parts of ebay to try to resurrect it

as these old compaq's were kinda crap basically there are a number of "as-is" broken 2700s on ebay right now w/ supposedly working lcd displays I guess on the upside.

crap I suppose I would but I really don't want to do the lcd swap

what is awesome is the battery seems like it holds about an hour~ish (probably less) charge judging by my testing trying to get the piece of crap working

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