We're giving away Pitchfork tickets ALL WEEK!

  • by the ThreadStaff
  • posted Jul 02, 2009

Threadless is PSYCHED to be giving away 3-day passes (and some VIP tickets) to the Pitchfork Music Fest, July 17-19, at Union Park in Chicago! So we’re having a week-long extravaganza! Every day = a chance to win. Here’s how…

We gave away a pair of VIP passes in our Newsletter!
We put a special "click to enter" link in Monday's newsletter! Congratulations, Ryan!

We’re giving away a bunch of stuff all day on Twitter, starting with gift codes and culminating with pair of 3-day passes!! Follow us on Twitter because on Tuesday we’ll tweet secret messages for our followers to RT for a chance to win!!
12 pm - 2 people won $25 gift codes: @namelessted @mfrikken
1:30 pm - a Threadless Kids lunchbox won by @theformerhand
3:00 pm - THREE "Beat It" tees to @tokaknee @commonpleasure @PenguinWARose
4:30 pm - a $50 gift code to @ponyjockey123
8 pm - a pair of 3-day passes to PITCHFORK FEST to @chexmix

We’re giving away a pair of 3-day passes at EACH Chicago store!
At each of our retail locations will be a sign up sheet and box for you to stop by and enter to win! (we’ll accept entries through Saturday)

The stores:
3011 North Broadway Street, Chicago
1905 West Division Street, Chicago

We gave away TWO PAIRS of VIP passes on Threadless!
Thanks for commenting on this VIB (very important blog) !!!
Congratulations fonzarelli & garciagirl!

We gave away a pair of 3-day passes on Facebook!
Congrats Megan R. !

...and if you're already going to the fest, be sure to stop by our tent!! BIG prizes to be had!

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Bramish profile pic Alumni

Damn that line-up looks good!


wow, i'm excited! dunno how i'd get to the festival though...


Whoah, how'd I miss the opening of a second store!?

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

there's all of one band i'd maybe possibly want to see there. so if i win tickets, i'll hold a super fun contest and give 'em away. it will involve costumes and knives.


Already going and didn't know there'd be a tent! Definitely stopping by!


Ohh baby, this would be sweeeet


I wouldn't be able to make it, but what an awesome giveaway!


Whoa whoa whoa. If I would be a lucky son-of-a-gun and snagged these tickets, this might be the best summer ever!


motherleopard on Jul 06 '09 at 12:05pm
how DO you enter?

snaggle tooth

wow! without airfare and accomodations, i guess i'll have to trade my tix to some alumni for tshirts and art.


motherleopard on Jul 06 '09 at 12:05pm
HOW do you enter?


wow! I already have a flight to Chicago next Friday to visit my cousin. Both of us couldn't afford to get pitchfork tickets, this would be amazing.


yessss, i was so upset when sunday tickets sold out, i hope i win!


how do you ENTER?


i want to go to there.

Skeletal Lamping

I went last year and Animal Collective blew my mind. I wanna go 'gain!


Torakamikaze on Jul 06 '09 at 3:42pm
TOP of the muffin to you!!


crosses fingers


Wow! Lots of chances to win stuff, that's awesome. Thanks Threadless!


that's NEVER happened


Yay! I live in Chicago and think I totally deserve to go to Pitchfork. Broke. Musician. Student. Food service worker. Chicagoan. Could I possibly be more deserving of a free music pass?

Pick me, pick me! xo-


im going to chicago that weekend! my friend and i are trying to find things to do and a CONCERT WOULD BE COMPLETELY AWESOME to add to our agenda!!!


Wish I could go to this concert!

Frank Vice

Pick me for free stuff


There's no way I could make it to the concerts, but I'd totally dig the $25 gift codes. LOL! Woohoo, threadless!


this would be a siiickk trip


I just want the beat it shirt. I'm so pissed I didn't buy one. I hope they bring it back!


How the hell do you give yourself a chance to win something? I don't get what to do. New to threadless, and a little retarded.


where do you register to win?


Ooooh, sounds exciting!


Grandpa Cassette, of course. Old school.


Thank you threadless!

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