Dandilion Snatcher

  • by Gib00bs
  • posted Jun 28, 2009

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I like it very much. It's really original, and I think you have to submit this ^^


Thanks for checking out my design!

I think your design should be placed on the shirt differently, or at least not cut off at the bottom of the leaves.


this is a good idea. i like the design. i also would like to see it on a different shirt color though ...

if you get a chance could you comment on mine thanks


Great design.
I don't know if the dotted line was designed to make clear the way followed by the flower (star?) inside the character body, but maybe you can work on that!

Can you vote for my design?


hahah thats great. well done. its ready

thanks for the comments


I gotta agree with those who say diff shirt color. Maybe a soft yellow would look good. Great design and line work, just needs more color!


hahahaha :)) nice :D
submit it already :D

stayteoftheart profile pic Alumni

Thats freaky-insane, I love it! I'd maybe make it a little bigger and place it in the bottom corner of the shirt though? other than that, great!


cool concept : )


Very nice. I like it! Submit it!


I've altered the size of some of the dandelion's. I have also tried out the design on yellow, but i have still kept the gray tee as I do still like it? thanks.


Hey! THis is a great idea. I think that the little cube needs to have a diff color outline. maybe make it solid white and use blue like the rest - it's getting lost. Alos, you could try filling in the bird - it might help the whole thing pop more.

I love it on grey, esp if you fill it all in with white. If you did that, then the white centers of the gears would look great the shirt color.

Lastly, I'd make all the outlines the same strength.

I think this is a great idea - but just make sure the execution is as good - it's too great to go to waste!

(One last thought for you - what if you put a little bug/bird/creature playing with the blocks? Gross, but funny and cute.

S. emily

It works better on the grey, and I agree with Susan on the fact that the block on the ground is getting lost. Also placement seems to be a bit strange, maybe move it down a bit. Nice work!

if you get a chance this is my last day or scoring. The design's called Worlding Another and it would be great if you could go ahead and score it! Thanks


Haahaha... cool design. I think it would look better on a white or black shirt though. Plz comment on mine!


Cool, maybe have the dandelions in a different color and show them going through the body of your creature linking up with the mechanics.
Maybe you could play on the word dandelion. eg Little lions with dandelions as tails, and their tails being eaten by the big creatures. (Might be off track but just a thought)


I've have made the background white and messed around with the positioning a little bit. See how this goes down and I might look to add a dandelion going through the body.


cool, but i think the flower are not necessary
the character need to stand alone


that's crazy, but i like it! you can sub it, or use dashed strokes on flowers


I agree that it seems empty. What about making the 'creature' (that thing is creepy - I like it) standing in a field of dandelions, with some closer to the viewer to give it a sense of perspective? Just an idea.


Love this idea! I feel like it needs some work tho before you submit. Maybe some more detail in the creature: in the eye, maybe add some hair or scales to his wings and legs. I would definitely have the dandelions going thru the body...maybe they should be a different color, so they pop more. I agree with Mr. Paco about adding some perspective maybe in the dandelions as well. Rad idea tho! Can't wait to see more.

Aaarrrggg Design

This is so weird... I like! Looks like it’s escaped from Yellow Submarine! :D

I really like Tigerbills suggestion of having a tongue catching them. You definitely need to keep the dandelion plants in there otherwise they'll look like snowflakes. Maybe have various lengths of them growing up from the bottom of the shirt with the creature flying around the top catching them(?)

The cogs might look better with a bit more detail. I found this pic helpful when I was having the same prob with my Hamster Powered design: http://lordofdesign.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/07/cables_and_cogs.gif
Or just do a google image search for "cogs" ...there's a lot more variety than you might think.... might help make it look more mechanical and stand out from the dandelion heads.


Thanks for your comments on mine :)

Yeah, I like the style. Not really getting the dandelion thing though, thought it might have been cool to come out as something else maybe?
I think it's looks better since you've moved it to bottom right.
Good stuff.


All the best. Love the tongue.


Sorry. It hasn't yet been approved. Hopefully soon :)

I will keep you posted.



Its been declined by threadless. Apparently its not up to scratch?????

This design has been created in a simple style. I'm not sure what else they want me to do? Sounds to me like there being very selective and it's not the people that decide on the designs anymore.

:( Would Appreciate some advice?


??????? i honestly like this a lot. i wish i had some advice for you. maybe play around with 2 or 3 different colors for the dandilions and play around with depth a little more by making some dandilions a lot bigger and some a lot smaller. i really dont know i would buy it like it is, its hard to offer change to something i wouldnt change. maybe they just want to see you take up some more of the negative space. good luck, definitely send me a link when u revise.

please critique mine i made some alterations.

btw both of mine were turned down before i brought them into be critiqued. cant wait to see how this turns out.


i really like the shirt color, id rather not see it changed but maybe u should try some other colors. i really like the color of the design too i dont think u should change those blues at all.


Hey this looks great! Can't wait to see it up. Good choice with the tongue - that makes it so much wittier in an already clever design.


Thanks for comments!

I am starting to feel like I'm over working this now.

I will get some more opinions and then make some changes. Then it's going again!


i thought it was great before i think its great now, the little details u added are nice, i like the swirl in the dandilions, like i said before i think u should make a couple dandlions a little bit bigger especially now since u did some more detail in them. maybe have them placed a little higher up near the middle or the top left.

i think i might do something to the cloud i have some ideas.
i just revised the other design i got up for critique, let me know what u think, thanks!



Lots of improvement. This version is really nice.
I still think that the dotted line inside the creature should show the path taken by the Dandilions (make it go around the wheels all the way to the box).

Can you vote for my new design?


Thanks for the comments. I think I will make that change and show the path taken by the dandelion.



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love the simple design
put it on a real tee pic...... if you google 'threadless blank tees' you will get the flickr link
only thing is if it prints you ust give a shirt to the pics owner

makes the design look heaps better if its on a real tee

would appreciate your feedback

Ricki Jane

Good placement and colouring. I'd submit it. Good luck!


Try try again! I am going to submit this version into the running!

Thanks again everyone for all your help.

Fingers Crossed!

Chicky Lick

Let me know when it's up for scoring!! :)

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