We Came From Dust

  • by glennery
  • posted Jun 27, 2009

A design based on the evolutionary cycle.

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A design based on the evolutionary cycle.

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

i like how the rat just pops out of nowhere.


i was gonna say the ape was the one that pops out of nowhere. but it seems to make 'jumps' at several stages. then you have a few stages that are far too similar to the previous...

it's nice but it needs working out

courtney pie

i like how the ape has speared a snake


heh i had an archeoptryx after the dino but left it out due to space constraints...birds were not forgotten they're just irrelevant to the evolution of humans, and mammals for that matter. birdz are their own shiz


btw thnx for the comments thugz

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

I'm not gonna quibble with the accuracy of the "cycle", but from an aesthetic standpoint it would be neater if there was something in the middle.


we won't be here forever


always debatable, but still a cool design regardless

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Yeah, a bit too convoluted and leap-y in parts but an interesting design. Really needs a linker to the cycle starting over again, or a little bit of distance between the starting and ending of the process if that's not your intention. Oh crap, 27 just said that basically. lol. Basically, it needs work but could turn into something cool with refining the stages and adding a concept at the ned.


You know what? It would be helped if you have shaped it in a nautilus pattern. Nice Idea still.


i think people are missing the point of this shirt- its supposed to be fun it's not sponsored by National Geographic or anything.

i love this $5


logically-confusing. aesthetically-pleasing, that's all.


its a megazostrodon actually, the earliest mammal , looked like a rat/weasel easy mistake to make

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