Love Hurts

Thouhg it´s worth the pain, love hurts.

Watch this

Thouhg it´s worth the pain, love hurts.


never worth the pain but i like the shirt


awosome...I love the shirt ...$5

S. emily

nice style, it's refreshing

would you mind scoring my design? It's called Worlding Another


I´ve already did... (S.emily)

Thanks everyone


i would love it even more if the text was taken out.
but 5$ anyway.


thats cool man (remove the text please) cheers

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I really like the lighter version of this, and i like how the heart is in black and white which makes the blood and veins stand out a bit more, but I'd add some more gore and goooier blood style to the dripping of the blood to dpell out the text. Right now the text is lacking that organic connection to what is above it. Good luck, it's a nice heart design in a sea of DOA ones.


I had my doubts with the text, but I thought that with out it, it would be just a bleeding heart...

Thans a lot, everyone...


i agree, nix the text, otherwise cool

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