Free Threadless Sticker

I just got 2 shirts i ordered, and i got not one, not 2, but THREE stickers.


Watch this

i got 2 stickers for only one shirt. ha!

ir0cko profile pic Alumni

all the same?

i carnt spel

Fuck stickers... fuck shirts... FUCK YOU!

your all just fucking shallow fools who play on the internet all day with no freinds, with moderatly humerous porn titles, quite well drawn pictures, nice creative titles... extremly cool shirts... amazing pink text... and Larchie

ohhhhhhh fuck...

can i please have a sticker..?


i got 12 with my last order!

it makes up for not getting any with my last 5 orders!


^damn! the most i get is 2 and only one is a threadless one


i ordered my friend one and she got eight but i kept seven lol.


I throw mine away...


once upon a time i got 21 in one order...its never happened again...

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