Sorry i managed stupidly to delete my critique version... twit.

Heres version v2 and will post v3 &v4 in a second.

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Sorry i managed stupidly to delete my critique version... twit.

Heres version v2 and will post v3 &v4 in a second.


Hey here is some new versions. what do you guys think? any preference on v2 or v3?


i like what you did on V1 it works better than the other in my opinion but try not to over laping the sheperds ear and just to campare try to delet the pattern on the top of that cute animals head :) ... nice pattern btw

A little help please on my design :)



I like v2 as it has that whole black sheep aspect to it but i think you presented it better in V1


I like v1 better its cleaner sometimes, puting designs over the entire shirt is a good think and really helps it and other times if it was simplified like v1 its much more solid looking

your thoughts would help, Mythical beast


howbout a black design on a white shirt?

i think that would loook awesomee:D


Cheers for the comments! Yeah i tried that in V1. But when i tried to turn that into a belt print it look odd as it stood out too much.
I mean it looked good graphically but no one would wear it as it was way too bold and looked like zebra print.

I'll go back to v1 and try and improve upon it.


The V1 for me is the best.

it'sa good idea to promote ecology.
but do it well is difficult because now they all work on it.
My recommendation is:
Doing more enriching each element.
There is no connection between them all.
Trabajalo hand, and a little more sure that you succeed.
I've made some changes to my design that were recommended by you.
You can check it please? # v2


V1 deffinetly better. very cool design.


V3 definitely grabs more attention for me.
Love the pattern.

Would love help on my design


Hey everyone. I've done a Belt print (black on white) and a half print (white on black) tell me which one you guys prefer or if you're still routing for V1! They're not finished (i just copy and pasted the print) but when I know which one looks better I'll draw it out properly so there's no repeat.

Thank you for all your help!!

digsy profile pic Alumni

in my brain i always thought the belt print was going to look great but seeing these I actually like the black version more. maybe try the black shirt as a belt print to see what it looks like. def think white on black is better than black on white though


I still think V1 is better. But i like the back on white maybe try making it puff. Or are the lines too big?

Ivantobealone profile pic Alumni

Both V1 and V4 work best IMO


the white shirt with the black design!

that ones awesomee



Here are the various options as it stands! (there are black on white ones as well but i can't put them all in one file)

Cheers for any comments!


i like the first version


Yeah I agree with digsy the belt print doesn't look as good as when I imagined it. The trouble is everybody likes a different version (placement and colour combination) so am a little stuck!

Cheers for the comments guys!


i like the second version

Ivantobealone profile pic Alumni

Even though I personally prefer version 1, people here dont care for the boxy square thing, maybe version 3 is the best option with some wool behind the head as well to keep the effect of a face just floating in wool


I think I like tree the best. THis is looking fantastic! I think a litle wool behind the head would give some more context.

Also, I think the top line of the head might need a tiny bit of clean-up. It's showing up not quite as clean as the others.

Lastly, what's going to happen with the ears? Are they going to sort of wrap around the sides a bit, or are they really going to be on the sleeves. B/c if they're going to be on the sleeves, remember that there will be a funny break in real life unless you move the whole design higher.

Thanks for commenting on my critique. My other design made it to voting - Last day it's up for voting! I'd love it if you'd drop by and give it a look: Vote and comment!


mm, cool! i like the second placement and of course, the eyes)


Cheers for your comments will change the eyes.
At the moment its:
1st = 3
2nd = 3
3rd = 2

Damn nearly evens

evan3 profile pic Alumni

best is amazing!!!
go for 2nd
this is a def print
maybe adding just a hint of color might complete this

or ruin it
mind a commenting?


I like this a lot. I probably version 4, but I can see everyone's giving you different opinions, but they're all sheep anyway.


Ahem... I meant "I probably prefer version 4".


V4 is the third one here right? or do you mean the back on white? because which ever position is picked i'll do both color variations.


Yeah, the third on version 5

Chris Rowson
Chris Rowson profile pic Alumni

Yeah this looks better on black. I think you're just about ready to go!


Submitted! Will let you guys know when its up!

ilya yas

very nice! :) sub it..

a wild thing
a wild thing profile pic Alumni

so cool! good luck!

have a look at my 1st sub space camp, only 1 day left!


Very nice. I love the easy, flowing patterns that the goat is poking through. Cool contrast.

If you get a chance please check out my critique here as well1


Thank you so much!
Yeah I was going to do it belt print but people said they preferred this version in the crit. It can be done as a belt print as well.

Take a look at my other one: Pre-Loved


Voted :)
Great job!


Thanks donlop01 & pollyonair!

Its already been submitted, most people said they liked this version but it was close!

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