Most Over-Submitted Slogans

The Most Over-Submitted Slogans
Slogans that have been Over-Submitted the Most
Over-Submitted Slogans - The Most
(or some variation)

Disclaimer: This is meant to be a little honest, a little helpful, and a little funny, so please try not to take it too seriously.

1. ___% of statistics are made up on the spot. (or some variation)
-We get it, your random statistic about statistics is made up. I'm pretty sure 98.25% of these are no longer that funny.

2. ADD/ADHD causes me to be distracted by random items or events around me. (or some variation)
-ADD is very...oh , look, another ADD slogan.

3. I forget why I wrote this slogan about amnesia. (or some variation)
-I remember the last time I enjoyed one of these slogans, or do I?

4. Dyslexia is hrad to sllep. (or some variation)
-Yup, some disabilities are funny as long as they are harmless. Dyslexia jokes were funny, 15 years ago. Now they're just kind of odl.

5. Sdrawkcab si trihs siht. (noitairav emos ro)
-It takes more effort to type backwards than it does to come up with this idea. Esle gnihtemos yrt.

6. Spel Chek (or some variation)
-Spelling is hard and spell check makes it easier, but for some reason, you didn't check the spelling on this slogan. Isn't that funy?

7. Pirates say arrrr in words with the letter "r". (or some variation)
-Cartoon pirates say "arrrrr". Real pirates have machine guns and arrrrren't very nice. Not to mention the fact that pirate jokes arrrrrre getting pretty old.

8. Ninjas, zombies, vampires, cannibals, and other interesting people/creatures/other do things. (or some variation)
-Ninjas are quiet, zombies eat brains, vampires drink blood, cannibals eat people, I get it...

9. When life gives you something clever. (or some variation)
-When life gives you lemons, you better have the most incredibly clever slogan because this is subbed everyday. (p.s. mine aren't that great either)

10. I heart things. (or some variation)
-You probably don't actually heart that thing as much as you are claiming you do. Also, a "less than" symbol and the number three is not a heart.

11. You are reading my shirt. (or some variation)
-Yes I am. And that's because I can read, or I'm looking at your boobs, or you're reading my mind, or you wasted 10 seconds of my life because I was reading, or...

12. This shirt is ironic/clever/witty/etc. (or some variation)
-Umm...I guess it is...a little...Next thing your gonna tell me is that you got 500 bucks for it...

13. + = __. (or some variation)
-So we all know how hilarious math can be. I mean Pi jokes, you just can't get enough of them, right? Something + Something = Something Else just ain't that clever. The use of this type of slogan is approaching infinity and is getting old exponentially.

14. I recently saw a movie and I am going to quote it on this shirt.
-This is lame for two reasons. 1. It's not at all clever or interesting. 2. You are spoiling movies I haven't seen yet. Same goes for TV shows. Not everyone is caught up on the new episodes of The Office/30 Rock/Always Sunny/etc. Don't get cocky because you have DVR.

15. Insert stand-up comedians joke here.
-Steven Wright, Mitch Hedberg, Demetri Martin, Nick Thune, etc. have really good one-liners that could be a slogan. I think I'll submit it and no one will notice.
Look, I like stand-up comedy too, but seriously, don't submit their jokes as slogans. That's plagiarism...speaking of plagiarism...

16. I saw this slogan on a shirt on another t-shirt site and thought it was funny, so I submitted it here.
-And this is called copyright infringement, plagiarism, annoying, dumb, pointless...take your pick.

Now I'm not saying that I have not been guilty of all of these at one time or another. I am quite sure that many, if not most, of my slogans have been done. These are the most overdone.

P.S. Leave any examples that I have missed so we can add it to the list. Heck, if one of mine is an example of what not to do, that's fine with me.

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When life gives you something something something...

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

now i'm not implying anything...but...these are awfully similar. GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE YO!

Killing two birds with more than one stone is still impressive.
of 7 votes, 43% like it

Fatally Wounding Even One Bird With a Stone is Impressive
of 81 votes, 80% like it


there are only so many idioms and cliches in the world after all.

bygrinstow profile pic Alumni

pirate jokes arrrrrre getting pretty old

'getting' is wrong. They were old when I was young. They just re-surfaced since the Disney movies came out....

And you've totally left off the sexual prowess slogans, but then again, those aren't taken seriously anyway.


A garlic clove a day keeps Dr. Acula away

Isn't that from Scrubs?


I agree, that's why I gave up on slogans. They're all so samey and people just take other sloganeers' slogans and reword them to claim them as their own


actually, going through your subs, quite alot of them are over-used and cliché, sorry

staffell profile pic Alumni

haha, you're so right!

i wanted to submit the slogan:

100% of statistics about a random percentage of statistics being made up on the spot are made up on the spot


brentendo on Jun 15 '09 at 12:20pm
I agree, that's why I gave up on slogans. They're all so samey and people just take other sloganeers' slogans and reword them to claim them as their own

But that's what works! Look how many of us sloganers had a different variation of the recent "humble" slogan.


In response to 2 birds 1 stone slogan...crap.
I will delete and try to be more original.

I don't watch scrubs but if its similar I apologize. I literally wrote that slogan like 15 minutes ago, and I think its pretty stupid anyways.

I'm aware many of my surviving slogans are cliche. I just haven't gone through to delete them yet.

Please feel free to leave examples of overused slogans, and if any of mine are annoying you because they are overused, by all means tell me.


"I wish I could break up boring conversations with guitar solos."
is a for sure keeper though.

In response to your "Dr. Acula" slogan response, don't worry about it, I am sure the joke was been around before Scrubs anyways.

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

kcoutu on Jun 15 '09 at 12:28pm
In response to 2 birds 1 stone slogan...crap.
I will delete and try to be more original.

oh no no no, don't delete it man, i don't have a monopoly on that phrase! Just keep on truckin'!


also, Maltmania, your 2 birds is funnier than mine anyways. And you've got a few other printable slogans as well.

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

in other news.

i really like this:

I didn't have to be there to know it wasn't funny.
of 20 votes, 80% like it

jayrawz profile pic Alumni

3. Pirates say arrrr in words with the letter "r". (or some variation)
-Cartoon pirates say "arrrrr". Real pirates have machine guns and arrrrren't very nice. Not to mention the fact that pirate jokes arrrrrre getting pretty old.

this belongs on a slogan shirt..


Not just pirates...
anything ninja or zombie too
and anything that starts of with "whatever group of people agree:"


top 12

"stop looking at my boobs" and "while you were reading this" probably fall into the "you are reading my shirt" category


top 13 - "i slept with your mom" etc. also over subbed, and often too crude :S


Know what sucks... when you sub a slogan and then someone is like... oh this website you've never heard of printed that! Then you feel dumb... I did anyway.


I thought I was being all worldly and sophisticated and tried submitting something along the lines of "ceci n'est past une T-shirt slogan". It had been done and I felt like a ridiculous little man.


i fit in a lot of those categories and frankly don't care. my slogans make me happy until they don't and then get deleted.

maltz and i (and probably many others) had "it's all fun and games..." slogans but his got printed. it's all about your own little twist on arranging the words.

Ma Bell

I'm glad you started this list. I admit to twisting the oldies. Sometimes it works, but not as often as we'd like. I'm trying to stay away from them but it helps jump start my brain sometimes. Corporate work sucked the creativity out of me and I'm trying to get it back.

Some more to add to the list:

Imma let you finish but...

There's nothing to fear but fear itself... and spiders, clowns, snakes, taxes... Are there anymore fears we can add?

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, toss em back, ask for cookies instead... I liked the ask for teguila and salt to go with them. Life has never given me lemons. Just a severence package.

They said I have ADD but I don't think... hey look a bunny, a shiny! It was funny the first 100 times.

No one likes my slogans, stop hitting um stupid, I got $500... I think someone needs a hug. They're getting frustrated and impatient.

How many of us, including me, have used Lincoln's quote in one form or another? 'Tis better to be silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt.'

When pigs flu, H1N1, If pigs could fly.

It isn't stupid if you think of something someone else has done when you didn't know. It happens all the time when people invent things. Someone patents a thing and starts selling it and we all say, "I thought of that too."

It is stupid if you copied a slogan verbatim from a t-shirt, bumper sticker, tin sign, etc. Example: Come to the dark side. We have cookies.


How about "90% of statistics stink because they're pulled out of people's asses"?

I've actually had slogan ideas that I thought were completely brilliant, only to realize I read it off of a threadless t-shirt earlier. Stupid short term memory.


word to your mother


Hope you don't mind I'll add this to my slogan tips and tricks blog. :)


updated but still seeking suggestions (which is also the title of my classifed ad)

Congolia Breckenridge

More topics that have been done to death: amnesia, cannibalism, rock-paper-scissors, "when life gives you lemons" etc.

However, there can be no limit to geometry or grammar-related slogans as both math and English puns are an endless gold mine

spacesick 2

I'm sick of all these polar bears slogans. I mean come on! polar bears aren't all that!


its good to see such blogs..where i can abstain from these while writing slogans..i m still learning the art..see if i am on the right path or not?

spacesick 2

not enough polar bears (sp?)


i'm going to be incorporating spacesicks and congolias suggestions shortly


With the exception of 14, 15, 16 any of them can work if done well, in my personal opinion:
I Have ADD; Attention Deficit Disco Monkey Ice Cream Racecar. (ShawnLogan) is a great ADD/ADHD

I Say if you think it's good keep it!

I just recently finished scoring all OSC members slogans and one thing that really stood out as far as a do not do is trying to shorten your slogan by using 2 instead of to/too, 4 vs for/fore etc. Unless it's how the slogan originally formed in your mind don't try to shorten it, try re-wording it instead.


I Should add a disclaimer: I have a few that I have broke my own rule on but they are for the future contest (max 65 did not apply) and I just wanted to toss them up there as best as I could for prosperity sake.


I agree that any of them can work if done well, but since these are submitted so much, they better be done really well.


But I'm pretty sure regurgitating some variation of the "__% of statistics are made up on the spot" is done for good. But if you have a new or interesting take on it, that would be a different story.

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