One second...

I love Drew and Natalie Dee

Watch this

i desperately want "shakespeare gotta get paid son"

but alas, pay pal is not kind


that is pretty wonderful...all kinds of wonderful in fact.


i wrote that shit in like one fortnight. so true. natalie + drew are like the best thing ever.

tristan, come over here. sit on the table.

ps props on hobbes. best comic of all time ever.


Yes, nothing beats Calvin and Hobbes. I cringe every time I read Garfield and many other subpar comics on Sundays. I don't know why I even bother anymore. "Gee, I wonder if the joke will have to do with Garfield being lazy or Jon being pathetic...yup!"


so true. i remember the last calvin and hobbes in the sunday paper...after that all the rest just started to suck even more.


I have the last Calvin and Hobbes comic. I wasn't even that big a fan when it came out, but I decided to keep it anyway. I'm sure glad I did. I keep meaning to get it laminated or framed or something...


I agree. I hardly ever read Natalie Dee...I just don't get into her stuff as much. She has some classics though.


really? i tend to like natalie's stuff the most, actually. i feel toothpaste has been lagging in general as of late. a lot of his old stuff is so crazily funny. still, those are three sites that i visit pretty much every day, along with like five other sites maybe. they are the trifecta of webcomics for sure.


As far as webcomics go, I'm also a big Questionable Content fan ( It's sort of a continuous story line, so if you don't read from the beginning it's probably not as good...but I love it.

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