UN Cow Committee

This is actually the second version of this design but I accidently deleted the first version. On this one i spread the design out a little more and moved to the back of the shirt, but im not sure if the way i formatted it is acceptable. I also want to find a way to get rid of the flags and still have people know which country is which

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This is actually the second version of this design but I accidently deleted the first version. On this one i spread the design out a little more and moved to the back of the shirt, but im not sure if the way i formatted it is acceptable. I also want to find a way to get rid of the flags and still have people know which country is which


SO CUTE!! :)
the flags are kinda sketchy.... maybe have no flags??
i love the layout though, the back is so fun!


so this is the exact same thing w/out the flags .. just wanted to put the two up for comparison ... im still working on another version to incorporate peoples comments


yeah i agree with the last poster. it would be more space efficient and visually appealing to have the flags kind of stamped on the cows' behinds. also, the colors look a little desaturated right now, so maybe something can be done about that too? i like the overall idea though

How do you like mine?


im not sure if the colors on the branding on the back show up well and also if the tags/branding are tooo small to translate well to printing


so ive come up with a new idea ... im not sure if the humor is a clear though ....


I'll always zero a shirt with Comic Sans on it.


hmmm...cool idea! but maybe instead of placing the cows like that, you could put them in a square format, and make them look to the front?

please crit mine if you can? here


i don't know i feel like if you gave the cows more dynamics or put them all in a "round table" scenario like it was hard talking to eachother or even the UN or something it would be really really good possible winner so keep at it and spend the time because it has potential :)


nice stuff and thanks for the comment,

i think your general idea needs clarification...
i get it once i read the title, but thats it. very clever once i understand it

ya, placement could use work.

what about a bunch of cows all sitting behind a long desk like they have at the un with like a sign that actually says un on it?


actually... im likin the first version the best, the idea is much clearer there


oh and research a little into perspective I think if you gave it some depth and made it where the people looked like cows sitting around then it would really stand out, like banksy with monkeys


I like the idea! ha!...but the whole layout is a little chaotic to me. Maybe try having all these cows together in one uniform composition, interacting together somehow. I think you could also have a lot of fun messing around with the cow's personalities, maybe even give them each unique body types in respect to their countries. Just an idea :)


the panel-ish idea is very coolidge dogs playing poker! love it!


haha i like the idea :)
i think you should play with the layout though
i reckon you could make a good pattern out of the different cows that would cover the whole shirt.
that would make it look better.


I like thr idea :)
I think the character should be with more movement


completely new design. i kept the back the same, but i tried to incorporate a lot of the suggestions into the front


front is very funny!) i dont like bike it looks useless


oh, sorry not bike) i mean back


Don't think you need the backside. I like the front, but I think it'd work better if you just had the cow heads, the flags, and the translations of "Moo", while adding in the ones from the back. Kind of like this shirt.


maybe if you made the back more related? perhaps they can be protesting whatever the other side of the shirt is discussing... idk maybe just look for a way to incorporate the back a little more before deciding to completely ditch it... also if you keep the back with their respective moo's, consider making the text yellow to match the front

also maybe have the coys not all looking the same direction? maybe make on of the ones on the corner look left or right perhaps? it could totally add some more movement to the overall design


nice design but i also think the back is kind of pointless. if u do decide to keep the back i think you should make them look abit less boxy

Ike Lawliet

Could you make the back make more sense with the front, like have the cows on the back be behind the wooden wall, for example? Otherwise, cute!


Geat design I too would forget the back

Jordan Jinx

haha this is very cute :D


I like it. Could you tone down the fence a little? the brown fence and the blue tee is a little too much. Maybe on a gray tee?


hahahhahaa Coming from Switzerland cows are great hahaha. I think you should draw out the actual bodies of the cows instead of having them hidden behind a wooden wall. Like you could work more on the outfits that way. For the french one i think it should be Le Moo instead. Not sure if you should have anything on the back though. maybe just move them to the front?

Would you mind taking a look at my design?


great idea, I'd agree with losing the back I don't think its needed. I'd love to see this as a vector, with just the cow heads and type with their various hats etc. I'm not sure about the fence, kinda takes up a lot of room compared to the cows.


so i tried to make the back relate to the front a little bit more to try and make it work but if it still doesn't i can get rid of it or move it to the front
i also changed the t-shirt color to match the brown a bit more


hey thanks for the crit. Love your idea here. Just a suggestion, what if you didn't have the text? and just have the cows in their national costumes in a row across the chest of the shirt?

athena workman

I agree with mj- I think it works better without the text (although "moo-la-la" is hilarious). Thanks for the critique on mine. :)

stayteoftheart profile pic Alumni

cute, but wouldn't it just be a COW-mmittee?


hey! like the desks, its starting to make some more sense here.

... sneak a UN in the design somewhere and i think you could submit


Maybe put the UN sign in the back, like over top the cows. I'd suggested getting rid of the text too, although the text is funny, so I'm kinda torn lol.

Maybe just have one cow on the back in one of the lower corners doing something from the cows respective country. Not too sure what, but just a suggestion :)

Overall it very funny :)


okay so i added the hay so the brown didn't completely take over and also the UN flag to make the joke a little clearer ... im not sure if the hay bales translate well

i didn't get rid of the text because i think that the whole joke is kind of lost without it ... sorry ....

i also cleaned up fence making the edges a little straighter and the lines on the front a little darker ...

didn't change the back much ...


I dont get why there are 3 other cows at the back... fom.... rusia a think one of them?


got rid of the hay
centered the flag
i didn't take of the back cuz im still debating it ... i think it adds a little bit of depth to the shirt as a whole and uses more of the space ... but if it really is confusing i can take it off


im gonna try and see if i can tweal the back design a little to make it more understandable


okay so reworked the back a little bit ... not sure about the red coat ....


maybe i came in too late for comments but I like them without the wooden wall :)


cleaned up the design a bit ... also switched order of cows because my friend said it made the line look better


Why did you choose for cows?
I would have used an animal like a bird because in every country there are plenty. Don't know if the cows are in every country you use.
Anyway, the use of little elements like the hats are good. They really help.
I replied to your comment on mine. make sure to check it ;)


Hmm I dunno but for my taste in relation to this design I think it would be better if the lines were heavier. Also put more character and personality into the cows; a way to do that is put facial expressions on them (different for each) and show the sclera as well as the pupils of the eyes because that will def give them personality.

Please help critique my design
A Titan's Gift

Mr. Underwood

Version 6 is my favourite. I prefer the colour of the shirt and the cows look better without the wooden wall. The cows on the latest version are the best though!

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